Three locations in the same company are connected with routers to a private T-1 point-to-point

line. The sites have their own dedicated private subnets but can route to each other. Which of the

following networks is described in this scenario?


A.      PAN

B.      WAN

C.      LAN

D.      MAN


Correct Answer: B




A user already has 2 RAM modules in a 64-bit Windows 7 PC. Each is a 1GB DDR-PC1600 RAM

module. The user has 2 additional RAM modules that are each 2GB DDR-PC800. Which of the

following is true about the PC after installing the additional RAM modules?


A.      The system only accesses the pair of 2GB RAM modules.

B.      The system accesses all RAM at 100MHz.

C.      The system enables ECC on all RAM modules.

D.      The system will not work as all RAM has to be equal sizes.


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following devices requires 12V of power from the power supply?


A.      Serial Port Card

B.      CD-ROM Drive

C.      Parallel Port

D.      Audio Jack


Correct Answer: B




A user has replaced the media in a direct thermal printer with a new type of label. The user

reports that when the labels are fed through the printer, nothing is printed on the label. Which of

the following is the MOST likely issue?


A.      Print jobs are formatted incorrectly for the new media.

B.      The heating element needs to be cleaned or replaced.

C.      The user did not reset the printer after installing the media.

D.      An incorrect media type is being used in the printer.


Correct Answer: D




Separator pads or rollers are designed to do which of the following?


A.      Ensure proper spacing between the fuser assembly rollers and media.

B.      Ensure that only one page at a time enters the printing process.

C.      Provide spacing for different media types when loaded in the same printer.

D.      Provide even line spacing throughout the page during the printing process.


Correct Answer: B




A user wishes to dispose of a CRT monitor that is no longer working. Which of the following steps

should a technician complete before proceeding with the disposal?


A.      Break the glass in the CRT in a controlled environment to prevent injury.

B.      Discharge all capacitors in the CRT and remove them before disposal.

C.      Ensure familiarity and compliance with all relevant local regulations.

D.      Ensure that the monitor is no longer working and repair if possible.


Correct Answer: C




A technician is told that a networked computer will PING the loopback address, but cannot

connect to the Internet, nor connect to any file shares. The same computer, when plugged into

the network at a different location, works fine. Which of the following tools should the technician

use to help determine the cause of the problem?


A.      Toner probe

B.      Cable tester

C.      Multimeter

D.      Crimper


Correct Answer: B




When troubleshooting a PC that intermittently shuts off, which of the following should be



A.      Boot sequence

B.      CPU temperature

C.      SMART status

D.      TPM module


Correct Answer: B




A technician is giving a safety class to new employees. Which of the following contains potentially

dangerous voltages and should be handled with care, even if the power has been recently



A.      Laser printer

B.      Wireless router

C.      Paper shredder

D.      CRT monitor


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following uses policies to direct network traffic?


A.      Router

B.      Switch

C.      Access Point

D.      Bridge


Correct Answer: A



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