A technician must replace a 10/100 NIC in a Windows XP PC. The failed NIC is no longer available

and a substitute 1 GB NIC will be used. Which of the following MUST be performed to accomplish

the task?


A.      The drivers for the new 1 GB NIC must be installed.

B.      The NIC speed cannot exceed 10/100 and the PC must support digitally signed drivers.

C.      The PC must be rated to support the 1 GB NIC speed.

D.      The network cable must also be upgraded.


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following are components of an “active” CPU cooling solution?


A.      A heatsink and thermal compound.

B.      A heatsink, radiator, and thermal compound.

C.      A heatsink, attached fan, and thermal compound.

D.      A heatsink, case fan, and thermal compound.


Correct Answer: C




Which of the following memory form factors is MOST commonly found in laptops?


A.      SDRAM

B.      SODIMM

C.      RAMBUS

D.      DIMM


Correct Answer: B




Click on the Exhibit button. Which of the following describes the port type pictured in the image?




A.      VGA

B.      Serial

C.      Parallel

D.      DVI


Correct Answer: A





Which of the following motherboards would fit in an ATX case?


A.      BTX

B.      ITX

C.      Ultra ATX

D.      Micro ATX


Correct Answer: D




A technician is asked to recommend hardware for a new computer for a graphic artist company

that regularly uses 3-D animation software. Which of the following components should be

chosen to BEST meet the customer’s needs?


A.      Specialized video card

B.      Multi-core processor

C.      TV tuner/recorder

D.      Tape backup drive


Correct Answer: A




A technician is helping to purchase a new server to be used to roll out virtualized workstations.

Which of the following components should be chosen to BEST meet the customer’s needs?

(Select TWO).


A.      Specialized video card

B.      Maximum memory

C.      Maximum-core processor

D.      Dual monitors

E.       Surround sound audio


Correct Answer: BC




Which of the following should a technician configure to limit access to a small office home office

(SOHO) wireless network by the computer’s NIC hardware identification?


A.      Encryption

B.      MAC filtering

C.      SSID broadcast

D.      DHCP


Correct Answer: B




A computer turns on and a “Date and Time Not Set” message appears on the screen after the

manufacturer logo. Which of the following is the MOST possible cause?


A.      The computer was not shut down properly.

B.      The CMOS battery needs to be replaced.

C.      The OS has stopped synching with the NTP server.

D.      The system BIOS is corrupted.


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following ports are commonly used to send/receive email? (Select TWO).


A.      25

B.      53

C.      80

D.      110

E.       443


Correct Answer: AD



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