Which of the following hard drives has the BEST shock resistance?


A.      IDE

B.      NAS

C.      SATA

D.      SSD

Correct Answer: D




Which of the following communication standards requires line-of-site with no obstacles in order

to operate properly?


A.      Bluetooth

B.      IR

C.      RF

D.      WiFi


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following connectors is found on every desktop power supply?


A.      Berg

B.      SATA

C.      PCIe

D.      Molex


Correct Answer: D




A customer asked the technician to upgrade the RAM in a laptop. Upon inspection of the RAM

bay, the technician only found one RAM slot, however the laptop is specified to have two. Where

would the other memory slot be typically located?


A.      Inside the display bezel.

B.      Second hard drive bay.

C.      Above the PC card slot.

D.      Under the keyboard.


Correct Answer: D




A laptop is not charging the battery and occasionally shuts off even when the power cord is

plugged in. This is a symptom of a bad:


A.      DC jack

B.      hard drive

C.      cooling system

D.      battery


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following typically cannot be upgraded in a laptop?


A.      Video card

B.      Hard drive

C.      RAM

D.      Wireless card


Correct Answer: A




A user calls the helpdesk because a solution that was previously suggested by another technician

did not solve the user’s issue. Which of the following is the MOST appropriate response?


A.      “Please hold while I transfer you to the previous technician, so a proper solution can be met.”

B.      “Please explain the issue and I will work to resolve it.”

C.      “My supervisor is the appropriate person to speak with about your issue.”

D.      “Let me help you to resolve this issue, since that technician does not know how to fix it.”


Correct Answer: B




A user calls to report that a notice keeps appearing on their screen whenever they try to pull

down video clips from a website. The notice says “This category is being blocked because it is

streaming media. Please click continue to use your assigned quota time”. The technician is aware

that a new web filtering application was recently implemented which assigns a 120 minute quota

on streaming media and a message appears allowing the user to continue. Which of the following

is the BEST response for the technician to give the user?


A.      “If you read the entire notice screen it clearly states that you should click continue. Did you

read the entire notice?”

B.      “Since video takes a large amount of bandwidth, management has implemented a policy to

limit what each user can download and watch.”

C.      “A new application was introduced to help improve and manage the network. The video

should appear once you select continue on the message.”

D.      “Are these video clips work related? What specific website are you trying to download the

videos from?”


Correct Answer: C




Since calling in an issue two days ago, a user reports that they have not heard from a help desk

technician. Which of the following is the MOST appropriate response?


A.      Let the user know that there is no record of the initial call.

B.      Let the user know that the problem will be escalated immediately.

C.      Let the user know that the technician will be out to resolve the problem tomorrow.

D.      Close the initial ticket that was issued and open a new help desk ticket for the user.


Correct Answer: B




After responding immediately to a dispatch, a technician arrives to resolve the customer’s issue.

The customer appears to be angry that they have waited so long for a response. Which of the

following is the BEST course of action for the technician to take?


A.      Inform the manager of the customer’s behavior and then focus on completing the task in an

expedited manner.

B.      Empathize with the customer’s urgency and inform them that the current service level

agreement allows for an eight hour response time.

C.      Empathize with the customer and focus on completing the task in an expedited manner.

Upon closure, document the situation and inform the manager.

D.      Contact dispatch immediately and request to speak to a manager to determine the

breakdown in the response time.


Correct Answer: C



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