A user wants to secure their home wireless network and allow only certain devices access to the

network. Which of the following measures would be the MOST effective means of limiting



A.      Turn off DHCP

B.      Use MAC filtering

C.      Disable DMZ

D.      Turn off SSID broadcasting


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following features of a CPU socket is designed to make installation of a CPU easier?


A.      Plug and Play

B.      Lower latency

C.      Zero insertion force

D.      Heatsinks


Correct Answer: C




Which of the following connection types is MOST likely to be used to connect an internal hard

drive to a computer?


A.      IDE

B.      DVI

C.      Parallel

D.      eSATA


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following voltages is MOST likely to be supplied from a PC power supply unit?

(Select TWO).


A.      1V

B.      1.7V

C.      3.3V

D.      5V

E.       9V


Correct Answer: CD




Which of the following does a technician need to do before giving a PC, which has been

confiscated for prohibited activity, to another department?


A.      Identify prohibited activity on PC.

B.      Document change of custody.

C.      Report prohibited activity.

D.      Preserve data


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following is the BEST example of the use of chain of custody?


A.      Technician uses a third party to hand over the PC to the proper authority.

B.      Technician remembers when and who they gave the PC to.

C.      Technician calls supervisor after PC has been transferred.

D.      Technician notes the date, time and who was given the PC.


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following should be considered when building a standard PC?


A.      Capacity of the hard drive.

B.      RAID level that will be used.

C.      Requirements for applications.

D.      Amount of RAM.


Correct Answer: C




A technician is working on a PC but does not have their grounding strap. Which of the following

would be the BEST method the technician should use to ground themselves?


A.      Hold the metal of the case.

B.      Hold on to the power cord.

C.      Take off their shoes.

D.      Unplug the PC.


Correct Answer: A




A customer states their inkjet printer is not printing as clearly as it once did. The technician

should FIRST perform which of the following functions to rectify this?


A.      Replace ink packs.

B.      Calibrate the printer.

C.      Use a different type of paper.

D.      Replace the USB cable.


Correct Answer: B




A supervisor has asked a technician to share the multifunction device that is directly connected

to a PC. The PC is running Windows XP Professional. Which of the following steps are valid

options to allow the technician to complete this task?


A.      Type “appwiz.cpl” at the run line and install the printer as a shared device.

B.      Start >All Programs >Control Panel >Network Connections >Right click on desired printer and

go to “Sharing”. Select the option to share the printer and give it a share name.

C.      Start >All Programs >Control Panel >Scanners and Cameras >Right click on desired device and

go to “Sharing”. Select the option to share the device and give it a share name.

D.      Start >All Programs >Control Panel >Printers and Faxes >Right click on desired printer and go

to “Sharing”. Select the option to share the printer and give it a share name.


Correct Answer: D

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