An unauthorized user observing system security procedures is known as:


A.      a worm

B.      shoulder surfing

C.      phishing

D.      spyware


Correct Answer: B




Privacy filters applied to users computer screens are used to combat which of the following security risks?


A.      Rootkits

B.      Spear phishing

C.      Shoulder surfing

D.      Social Engineering


Correct Answer: C




A critical server was replaced by the IT staff the previous night. The following morning, some users are reporting that they are unable to browse to the Internet upon booting their workstations. Users who did not shut down their workstations the previous day are able to connect to the Internet. A technician looks at the following report from a workstation with no Internet connectivity:


Ÿ   IP Address:

Ÿ   Netmask:

Ÿ   DHCP Server:

Ÿ   DNS Server:

Ÿ   Default Gateway:


Given the above report, which of the following is the cause of why some workstations are unable to browse the Internet?


A.      The workstation has an APIPA address.

B.      The DHCP server is unavailable.

C.      The default gateway router is misconfigured.

D.      The DHCP server is misconfigured.


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following is solely designed to avoid detection by an antivirus program by using the underlying operating system to its advantage?


A.      Rootkit

B.      Virus

C.      Trojan

D.      Worm


Correct Answer: A




Joe, a technician, receives an error message on his tower PC just after POST which reads:


“WARNING! Your drive is about to fail. Please back up your data and run full drive diagnostics.”


Which of the following is generating this error message?


A.      CHKDSK

B.      S.M.A.R.T.

C.      eSATA

D.      QoS


Correct Answer: B




Ann, a technician, is trying to recover some files for a user from a damaged laptop. Since the Windows installation has been corrupted and does not boot, Ann plugs the drive into a bench system to attempt a recovery. After trying to access the drive on the bench computer, the following message is displayed. “Access Denied. Please Enter Encryption Password.” Which of the following is the reason that this error is displayed?


A.      The hard drive is experiencing S.M.A.R.T. failure errors.

B.      The TPM security chip inside the bench system is not enabled.

C.      The BIOS of the bench system is out of date.

D.      BitLocker is being used.


Correct Answer: D




A technician is tasked with repairing a Windows 7 system including the removal of recently installed files and software. Which of the following system restoration methods would be the LEAST destructive way to achieve this?


A.      System Restore

B.      System Image Recovery

C.      CHKDSK

D.      Windows Memory Diagnostic


Correct Answer: A




A user, Ann, reports that her computer is able to connect to devices on her local network but not on the remote office network. Ann’s computer shows the following ipconfig information:


Ÿ   IP address:

Ÿ   Subnetmask:

Ÿ   Gateway:

Ÿ   DNS server 1:

Ÿ   DNS server 2:


Which of the following is the cause of the problem?


A.      DNS server 2 is set incorrectly.

B.      DNS server 1 is set incorrectly.

C.      IP address is set incorrectly.

D.      Gateway is set incorrectly.


Correct Answer: D




Ann reports that printouts from the department laser printer have become faded. She has already replaced the toner cartridge. Which of the following is the MOST likely component causing the faded printing?


A.      Transfer roller

B.      Fusing assembly

C.      Registration assembly

D.      Duplexing assembly


Correct Answer: A




A user, Ann, reports that her laptop will no longer connect to wireless. Joe, a technician, checks the device manager and does not see a wireless networking card or any unknown devices. Which of the following should Joe do FIRST?


A.      Check to make sure the wireless card was not turned off via the hardware switch or keyboard shortcut.

B.      Install a USB wireless card to ensure that Windows networking is working properly.

C.      Open the laptop and reseat the network card and both antennas.

D.      Download and install the latest wireless driver from the manufacturer’s website.


Correct Answer: A



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