When setting up a Microsoft Exchange mail account to synchronize with an iPhone, which of the following items can be configured to synchronize besides the mail? (Select TWO).


A.      Shared calendars

B.      Archives

C.      Global address list

D.      Calendar

E.       Address book


Correct Answer: DE




Which of the following allows a user to pinch zoom on an Android device?


A.      Accelerometer

B.      Micro USB port

C.      Multi-touch

D.      A trackball


Correct Answer: C




An administrator has taken steps to secure a SOHO wired network, but as a result the users report that they can no longer access the Internet but can still see other computers on the network. Which of the following would have caused this issue?


A.      Port 80 has been disabled.

B.      Port 3389 has been enabled.

C.      MAC filtering has been enabled.

D.      LDAP has been disabled.


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following mobile phone features redirects the screen orientation as the user turns their phone?


A.      GPS

B.      Geotracking

C.      Locator application

D.      Gyroscope


Correct Answer: D




While using a mapping program, which of the following functions shows the user’s location on the map as well as movements on the map as they travel?


A.      Accelerometer

B.      Geotracking

C.      Gyroscope

D.      GPS

Correct Answer: D




Which of the following BEST represents a security vulnerability of mobile devices? (Select TWO).


A.      Unauthorized downloads

B.      Viruses

C.      Improper file permissions

D.      Phishing

E.       Theft


Correct Answer: BE




Which of the following BEST describes the security term known as tailgating?


A.      Propping open a secure entrance to gain later access.

B.      Following behind someone when entering a secure area.

C.      Removing files from a site using a hidden USB drive.

D.      Using someone else’s logged in computer to access files.


Correct Answer: B




When connecting a Bluetooth device to a mobile device, which of the following BEST describes the purpose of discovery mode?


A.      Allows two Bluetooth devices to connect to each other without a mobile device.

B.      Disconnects all devices and connects to the closest powered on device.

C.      Allows a peripheral to be contacted by the mobile device.

D.      Instructs the phone to seek out all nearby devices and connect to them.


Correct Answer: C




Which of the following devices is MOST likely to come standard with a solid state hard drive?


A.      Tablet

B.      Storage server

C.      Laptop

D.      Desktop PC


Correct Answer: A




A user launches a software application on their Android tablet device. Once the software has loaded, the user reports that when turning the tablet to work the application in landscape mode, the software does not automatically adjust to landscape mode. Which of the following is the cause of the issue?


A.      The auto-adjust setting is not enabled in the operating system.

B.      The tablet is running low on power and disabled landscape mode.

C.      The application was not developed to react to changes to the gyroscope.

D.      The user did not switch the tablet to landscape mode.


Correct Answer: C


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