A user wishes to access their contacts from their Android phone. Which of the following methods will provide the MOST up-to-date contact information on the user’s phone on a daily basis?


A.      Enable contact synchronization by setting up their email account on the phone.

B.      Download all their contacts in a .csv file and import them into the phone via a USB laptop connection.

C.      Enable Bluetooth and transfer the contacts from their laptop to the cell phone.

D.      Enable email synchronization and email the contacts to the user account for download.


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following explains why a tablet OS loads quicker than a laptop OS?


A.      A tablet requires less power to operate than a laptop.

B.      A tablet has a smaller circuit board than a laptop.

C.      A SATA drive loads data much faster than an IDE drive.

D.      A SSD drive loads data much faster than a SATA drive.


Correct Answer: D




A user recently purchased a new high-end graphics card, and would like to run their existing games through an LCD TV at 1080p. However, when the installation is complete, none of the games appear correctly on the LCD TV. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause?


A.      The LCD TV response rate is not fast enough for gaming.

B.      The PC games cannot be run to an external display.

C.      The games do not support a 1920×1080 resolution.

D.      The LCD TV driver is not supported by the Windows operating system.


Correct Answer: C




A user is running a RAID 0 array and has problems with one of the drives. Which of the following actions will the technician take NEXT?


A.      Replace the failing drive and let the RAID recover.

B.      Add an additional drive to the array and let the RAID recover.

C.      Replace the drive; all the data is lost and cannot be recovered.

D.      Remap the RAID array to another drive letter to recover the data.


Correct Answer: C




A technician is taking apart a laptop in order to replace an internal part. During this process, which of the following represents a best practice?


A.      Only perform the work on a plastic counter top.

B.      Never use a power tool to remove screws from the case.

C.      Label the screws according to where they came from.

D.      When working on the bottom of a laptop, always leave the screen open.


Correct Answer: C




A user is reporting that they are clicking on search results and being redirected to the wrong sites. Which of the following should a technician check FIRST?


A.      Temporary Internet Files

B.      Proxy Settings

C.      Cookies

D.      Windows Firewall


Correct Answer: B




When setting up a new wireless router, which of the following actions should the technician take FIRST in order to secure the network? (Select TWO).


A.      Disable unused ports.

B.      Change the SSID.

C.      Position the antennas to prevent outside access.

D.      Enable MAC filtering.

E.       Change the default user name.


Correct Answer: BE




A user with a CRT monitor notes that there is a discolored area in a portion of their screen. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the issue?


A.      Bad video card.

B.      The video card drivers need to be upgraded.

C.      Bad monitor.

D.      The screen needs to be degaussed.


Correct Answer: D




A user reports an issue of intermittent Read / Write errors occurring on their PC. Which of the following actions would a technician MOST likely take?


A.      Run FDISK on the drive.

B.      Update definitions and run a virus scan.

C.      Low level format the drive.

D.      Run CHKDSK on the drive.


Correct Answer: D




A user reports a loud clicking noise coming from their PC, but the PC operates normally. Which of the following actions should the technician perform FIRST when responding to this issue?


A.      Attempt to backup data from the hard drive.

B.      Shutdown the PC and replace the hard drive.

C.      Format the hard drive and reload the OS.

D.      Run the disk cleanup utility.


Correct Answer: A



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