A technician replaced a laptop motherboard with an identical model and now wireless networking is not working. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause?


A.      The technician failed to connect the antenna wires to the WiFi card.

B.      The RAM frequency is interfering with the WiFi signal.

C.      The WiFi drivers are not compatible with the new motherboard.

D.      The wireless ribbon cable was accidentally cut when connecting the palm to the rest of the frame.


Correct Answer: A




In which of the following locations is the Windows Vista local user settings found?


A.      A.%userprofile%AppDataLocal

B.      B.%systemdrive%Documents and Settings

C.      C.%systemdrive%My Profile

D.      D.%userprofile%Program Files


Correct Answer: A




A user recently purchased an 802.11g-capable laptop, but reports their network connection speed is much slower than expected. The technician notes that while the users wireless signal strength is excellent, they are connected at just 11Mbps. Which of the following BEST describes the cause of the problem?


A.      The software drivers for the users wireless network card need to be upgraded.

B.      The user is located too far away from the nearest wireless access point.

C.      The user is connected to an 802.11b wireless access point.

D.      The user has entered an incorrect WPA encryption key.


Correct Answer: C




A user reports they cannot access the Internet. The technician has verified the user’s browser settings. The user’s PC has a static IP configuration. Which of the following is the NEXT step the technician should take?


A.      Check the DNS server addresses and verify they are current.

B.      Make sure the Windows Firewall and ICS is disabled.

C.      De-select QoS in the TCP/IP properties page.

D.      Disable any active antivirus software and see if it resolves the problem.


Correct Answer: A




A printer is suddenly not printing using Windows XP. Which of the following is the BEST procedure to get the printing restarted?


A.      Delete the printer drivers and restart the spooler service.

B.      Examine the print queue, stop and then restart the spooler service.

C.      Examine printer and faxes folder and check event log then start spooler service.

D.      Delete the printer drivers, then delete and reload spooler service.


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following would have to be disabled on a PC if a user wants to assign a static IP address on that PC?


A.      SSID

B.      MAC filtering

C.      DHCP

D.      DNS


Correct Answer: C




A technician has installed a maintenance kit on a laser printer and replaced all consumables. Which of the following should the technician do NEXT?


A.      Reset the page count.

B.      Disconnect the power.

C.      Connect the communications cable.

D.      Install the toner cartridge.


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following is true for a 10/100 NIC running at full-duplex?


A.      Maximum data rate transmission of NIC will have a speed of 10MBps.

B.      Maximum data rate transmission of NIC will have a speed of 1000BaseT.

C.      NIC will transmit data in only one direction at a time.

D.      NIC will simultaneously transmit data in both directions at a time.


Correct Answer: D




An end user reports that they are unable to access any websites or network resources by the fully qualified domain name (FQDN); however, the technician is able to access these resources by IP address. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause for this problem?


A.      The customer’s DNS server is unavailable.

B.      The customer has an incorrect default gateway.

C.      The customer has a bad NIC card.

D.      The customer does not have an IP address.


Correct Answer: A




A client calls after connecting the keyboard and mouse to a new computer. The client indicates that neither the keyboard nor the mouse works. The technician has determined these devices are connected through the PS/2 ports. Which of the following recommendations is BEST?


A.      Make sure the PS/2 plugs and ports are color matched.

B.      Purchase devices with USB connectors.

C.      Return the computer because of a defect.

D.      Reboot the computer then switch the plugs.


Correct Answer: A



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