A storm occurred overnight and a user is having a problem turning on a workstation. The technician has determined power to the monitor is good when plugged into the same power strip as the workstation. Which of the following is the BEST tool to use?


A.      Cable tester

B.      Multimeter

C.      Loop back cable

D.      Power supply tester


Correct Answer: D




A user has installed a second hard drive into a computer and receives a message stating ‘Invalid Boot Volume.’ Which of the following should a technician recommend to solve this problem?

A.      Set the jumpers on both hard drives to master.

B.      Set the jumpers on both hard drives to C/S.

C.      Set the jumpers on both hard drives to secondary.

D.      Remove the jumpers from both hard drives.


Correct Answer: B




You are working on a Windows 7 Ultimate computer. An application called DLP 2.0 is failing to start properly. You are required to disable two of its components in MSconfig. Which two tabs should you access? (Select the two best answers.)


A.      General

B.      Boot

C.      Services

D.      Startup

E.       Tools


Correct Answer: CD




Which of the following applications can be scheduled to delete unwanted, compressed, older files?


A.      Disk Defragmenter

B.      Disk Cleanup

C.      CHKDSK

D.      Disk Management


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following usually incorporates an 8-digit code that can be found on the bottom of a SOHO router?


A.      Port forwarding

B.      WPS

C.      Wireless encryption

D.      Port triggering


Correct Answer: B




Which operating system feature will show a hard drive’s status?


A.      Tasklist

B.      Administrative tools

C.      Disk Management

D.      Ping


Correct Answer: C




Which of the following is unique to Windows XP?


A.      Folder options – Layout

B.      Hardware profiles

C.      Pen and input devices

D.      Network setup wizard


Correct Answer: D




By default, a file or folder will receive its NTFS permissions from the parent folder. Which of the following does this describe?


A.      Permission propagation

B.      Single sign-on

C.      Client-side virtualization

D.      Proxy settings

E.       Recovery image

F.       Inheritance


Correct Answer: F




Which of the following are examples of physical security? (Select the two best answers.)


A.      Directory permissions

B.      RSA token

C.      Principle of least privilege

D.      Privacy filter


Correct Answer: BD




Which of the following options in Windows is the best way to secure a workstation?


A.      Screensaver

B.      User education

C.      Disable Autorun

D.      Complex password

E.       ID badge

F.       Key fob

G.      Retinal scan


Correct Answer: D



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