When issuing user permissions for job functions, an administrator should assign:


A.      Permissions based on employee’s role.

B.      Them to the Power User role on the machine.

C.      Permissions based on employee’s seniority.

D.      Them to the Administrator role on the machine.


Correct Answer: A




A user attempts to remote into their machine at night but cannot connect. The user believes that

someone is unplugging their computer from the network at night and plugging in a personal

machine. Which of the following security measures would BEST prevent this behavior from



A.      Limit the port to a specific MAC address.

B.      Set the port to only activate during business hours.

C.      Disable DHCP on the network router.

D.      Deactivate the port that is being used from the switch.


Correct Answer: A




A residential customer just purchased a new wireless router. During the setup, which of the

following should be done to increase the default security of the router?


A.      Change the default SSID.

B.      Change the default password.

C.      Turn off DHCP services.

D.      Change the default wireless channel.


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following technologies can be used to secure mobile devices and their data? (Select



A.      Protective screen

B.      Remote wipe

C.      Physical lock

D.      Locator

E.       Passcode lock


Correct Answer: BE




A network consultant needs to redo a CAT5e wall jack that has become unusable due to recent

physical damage. In order to install the replacement jack, which of the following tools would

need to be used to both install and validate the hardware? (Select TWO).


A.        Cable crimper

B.        Loopback plug

C.        Voltage meter

D.        Cable tester

E.         Punch down tool


Correct Answer: DE





A user reports that their computer restarts at 3:00 PM every day. Which of the following tools

would BEST help a technician troubleshoot this issue?


A.      Event Viewer

B.      Task Scheduler

C.      Performance Monitor

D.      System Restore


Correct Answer: A




After installing an updated video card driver in a Windows XP machine, a technician sees a

bluescreen of death (BSOD). Which of the following would BEST help the technician repair the



A.      Update antivirus definitions.

B.      Run System Restore.

C.      Last Known Good Configuration.

D.      Factory pre-installation CD.


Correct Answer: C




Which of the following PING switches would be used to continue a ping to a host until stopped?


A.      -r

B.      -a

C.      -t

D.      -l


Correct Answer: C




A technician is having connectivity issues with a client’s machine. The client’s wall jack passed

testing and the technician also uses a loopback to test the NIC on the PC and it also passed

testing. Which of the following tools would a technician use to test between the wall jack and the



A.      Toner probe

B.      Multimeter

C.      Wireless locator

D.      Cable tester


Correct Answer: D




A client wants a wireless SOHO installed in the building that already has other wireless networks

in it. The client wants the network to not be easily seen. Which of the following can the

technician disable to help the network from being seen?


A.      SSID broadcast

B.      DHCP

C.      MAC filtering

D.      Wireless encryption


Correct Answer: A



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