Which of the following BEST describes the practice of attempting to gain information through

deceptive emails?


A.      Hashing

B.      Biometrics

C.      Phishing

D.      Encryption


Correct Answer: C




Which of the following is the MOST important system resource for virtual machines?


A.      Hard drive space

B.      RAM

C.      BIOS

D.      CPU


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following is responsible for flipping the image when a smartphone is rotated?


A.      Accelerometer

B.      Shock sensor

C.      Gyroscope

D.      Ambient light sensor


Correct Answer: C




A technician notices that everything appears too large on the computer’s screen and the display

resolution cannot be changed. The machine is running in which of the following modes?


A.      Recovery

B.      Virtualization

C.      VGA

D.      Administrator


Correct Answer: C




A technician works for a company that uses an application to track licensing information. The

application runs in the background on the Windows 7 computers. A technician receives a call

stating that the licensing tracking software is not running. Which of the following should the

technician perform to ensure that the application is always running?


A.      Keep Windows updated with the latest patches.

B.      Run the application in compatibility mode.

C.      Set the service to automatically start.

D.      Install application in Windows XP mode.


Correct Answer: C




A laptop user reports that they cannot see the SSID or connect to their company’s wireless

network. Which of the following should the technician try FIRST?


A.      Check the wireless settings in the OS.

B.      Replace the internal wireless adapter.

C.      Check the wireless on/off switch.

D.      Check the signal strength.


Correct Answer: C




A user reports that the PC is not working. After questioning the user, the technician believes the

problem is a bad memory module. Which of the following is the NEXT step the technician should



A.      Document findings, actions, and outcomes.

B.      Test the theory by replacing the motherboard.

C.      Test the theory by running memory diagnostic software.

D.      Verify the system is working correctly.


Correct Answer: C




A user reports that they accidentally unplugged their CMOS battery. The unit was reinstalled, but

all subsequent boot attempts have resulted in a BSOD. Which of the following should be the

FIRST item checked by the technician?


A.      Whether the boot order now has the optical drive in position one.

B.      If the BIOS can detect the hard drive at all.

C.      Whether the SATA power cable was unplugged.

D.      AHCI – IDE setting under SATA options in the BIOS.


Correct Answer: D




While using an application on a Windows XP desktop PC, a BSOD appears. Which of the

following should the technician select upon reboot to troubleshoot this issue?


A.      Boot to safe mode.

B.      Boot to last known good configuration.

C.      Boot to another OS on a second partition.

D.      Boot normally.


Correct Answer: A




A Windows desktop PC user states that they have sent several print jobs to their locally

connected printer, yet none have printed. The printer has no error conditions on the control

panel. Which of the following should the technician do FIRST in troubleshooting this problem?


A.      Open the printer properties page and send a test print to it.

B.      Clear the print queue of all documents and resend one to test the printer.

C.      Power the printer off and on and send one test document to it.

D.      Check if Use Printer Offline has been selected.


Correct Answer: D



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