A user states that their wireless connection drops when the phone rings. Which of the following

solutions BEST shows what the technician should do to prevent this from happening?


A.      Move the access point closer to the user.

B.      Remove the phone.

C.      Change the frequency that the wireless router is using.

D.      Change the wireless security encryption settings.


Correct Answer: C




A technician has discovered two PCs with the same name being used on the network. Which of

the following BEST describes what has been happening and how to resolve the problem?


A.      Both users can log in but only one can access company shares; both PCs need their network

names changed.

B.      Only one user can log in; one PC needs to have its network name changed.

C.      Both users can log in and access company shares; one PC needs to have its network name


D.      Neither user can log in; one PC needs to have its network name changed.


Correct Answer: B




A night shift employee constantly fails to logoff at the end of their shift. The employee on the

next shift regularly does not bother to log in because they are not prompted to do so. Which of

the following actions would be BEST for the technician to do to correct this issue?


A.      Write up each employee every time the login and logoff policy is ignored.

B.      Have each employee report to their supervisor at the end of their shift.

C.      Set the computer to restart after each employee’s shift.

D.      Educate employees to log off within an hour of their shift.


Correct Answer: C




A technician has just updated a user’s PC to Windows 7 and connected to a network printer

through a print server. After finishing, the user reports that the printer will not print. Which of

the following is the MOST likely reason for this issue?


A.      The PC’s network connection is down.

B.      The print server does not have the proper driver.

C.      The printer is not installed on the print server.

D.      The server is using PCL instead of PostScript.


Correct Answer: B




A technician needs to sanitize a hard drive for reuse. Which of the following would be the

EASIEST for the technician to perform?


A.      Overwrite

B.      Low level format

C.      Destroy hard drive

D.      Degaussing


Correct Answer: A




A user is reporting that they can no longer view their laptop on the projector. Which of the

following would MOST likely fix this issue?


A.      Reinstall the video drivers for the laptop video card.

B.      Reboot the laptop and projector.

C.      Reset the video cable from the laptop and projector.

D.      Hold function key and appropriate “f” key.


Correct Answer: D




A user in a large corporation reports that they cannot burn a DVD on their Windows 7 Ultimate

laptop; they have never burned a DVD on this laptop before. Which of the following would be the

MOST likely to be the reason why?


A.      The drivers for the DVD burner need to be updated.

B.      The user does not have software to burn DVDs.

C.      The software for the DVD needs to be updated.

D.      The user does not have a DVD burner.


Correct Answer: D




A technician has found bad sectors on a hard drive. Which of the following command line tools

could MOST likely remap bad sectors to fix this hard drive issue?


A.      FIXMBR

B.      CHKDSK


D.      FDISK


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following methods provides digital security?


A.      Mantrap

B.      Biometrics

C.      Firewall

D.      Bollards


Correct Answer: C




A client is running Windows 7 Ultimate and has a requirement to run a program that only runs

under Windows XP. Which of the following could the client utilize?


A.      Windows XP Mode

B.      Windows Hypervisor

C.      Compatibility views

D.      TPM


Correct Answer: A



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