Windows Virtual PC is intended to run on which of the following Operating Systems?


A.      Windows Vista Standard

B.      Windows Server 2008

C.      Windows XP SP3

D.      Linux


Correct Answer: C




A manager needs to have remote access to the main office at all times. Which of the following is

the BEST setup?


A.      WWAN

B.      LAN

C.      MAN

D.      VPN


Correct Answer: D




Despite objections, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) wanted all managers to have administrator

rights to their workstations. After a few months, the CEO was replaced. A technician is assigned

the task of changing the managers to power users on the domain. Which of the following is the

BEST choice to complete this task?


A.      rstrui.exe

B.      gpedit.msc

C.      lusrmgr.msc

D.      usergroup.exe


Correct Answer: B




A technician receives a call late in the evening that employees of a small business cannot access

the company’s remote access server. The technician cannot get a response from the server or the

router at the site. Upon gaining access to the physical site, the technician discovers the router

unplugged from the power source. Which of the following should be implemented to reduce the

chance of this happening again?


A.      Plug the router into an uninterruptable power supply.

B.      Move the router to a physically secure location.

C.      Install security cameras to monitor the router.

D.      Outsource the remote access service to a third party.


Correct Answer: B




A company would like to prevent commonly known social engineering risks. Which of the

following would help mitigate these risks?


A.      Annual security training.

B.      Install new switches.

C.      Review security policies.

D.      Require 180 day password expiration.


Correct Answer: A




A technician installs a new graphics card that supports high resolutions. The technician sets the

resolution to the highest setting and then the monitor displays no video. The technician hits the

enter key to exit and nothing happens. After a reboot, no video appears after the operating

system loads. Which of the following would the technician perform NEXT?


A.      Reseat the graphics card in a different slot.

B.      Update the graphics card driver.

C.      Reinstall the operating system.

D.      Change the resolution in Safe Mode.


Correct Answer: D




A technician installs another IDE hard drive for more storage space and now when the

workstation boots up it displays a message of ‘disk not found’. Which of the following is the MOST

likely cause?


A.      The jumper is set to master on the newly installed hard drive.

B.      The jumper is set to cable select on the newly installed hard drive.

C.      The new hard drive is faulty.

D.      The operating system is corrupt.


Correct Answer: A




A user states that they see flickering on their external display. The technician asks if anything has

changed since they noticed the problem. Next the technician replaces the external display with a

new one which corrected the issue. According to the troubleshooting theory, which of the

following would the technician do NEXT?


A.      Record the resolution to the problem for future references.

B.      Determine what needs to be replaced to resolve the issue?

C.      Recreate the recent changes to the PC.

D.      Identify what exactly the user is having a problem with.


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following methods is BEST used to ensure that data on a hard drive cannot be



A.      Overwrite the drive.

B.      Use a degaussing tool.

C.      Repartition the drive.

D.      Format the drive.


Correct Answer: B




A user has moved into a building and is installing a new wired network. There is existing cabling

throughout the building. The user would like to prevent hardware that they do not own from

connecting to the network. Which of the following actions would BEST prevent outside users

from connecting?


A.      Enable static IPs

B.      Disable DNS

C.      Disable local proxy server

D.      Enable MAC filtering


Correct Answer: D



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