Which of the following operating systems has the Shake, Peek and Snap features?


A.      Windows XP Home

B.      Windows 7 Professional

C.      Windows XP Professional

D.      Windows Vista Business


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following should be considered true when selecting a 64-bit version of Windows?


A.      64-bit extensions can be disabled in the bios and prevent a proper boot.

B.      XP Compatibility mode only allows for the 64-bit version of Windows XP.

C.      Many browser plug-ins may only be supported on 32-bit browsers.

D.      64-bit uses memory more efficiently so less RAM is needed than in a 32-bit version.


Correct Answer: C




DXDIAG is used to display information about which of the following components and its



A.      Printer components

B.      Network components

C.      Graphics components

D.      Storage components


Correct Answer: C




For which of the following instances is System Restore MOST likely to be used?


A.      Deleting temporary files that are not needed.

B.      Replacing a failed hard drive with a new drive.

C.      Placing the system configuration into a prior state.

D.      Downgrading an operating system to another version.


Correct Answer: C




Administrative share names are MOST commonly designated by which of the following symbols?


A.      !

B.      $

C.      :

D.      *


Correct Answer: B




After loading a new operating system, which of the following accounts is MOST often changed for

security purposes?


A.      Standard User

B.      Power User

C.      Guest

D.      System


Correct Answer: C




Virtual machines help users developing cloud applications in which of the following ways?


A.      Provides an environment where the host cannot be connected to the network.

B.      Provides a platform where operating system requirements are lessened.

C.      Provides a safe, secure environment in which to test patches or application updates.

D.      Provides an environment that is never accessible from the Internet.


Correct Answer: C




In order to connect a mobile device to a PAN, a technician MUST ensure which of the following

are enabled?


A.      Wi-Fi antenna

B.      3G data services

C.      Location services

D.      Bluetooth discovery


Correct Answer: D




iOS version 5.0 allows for all data to be synchronized and backed up to a computer with iTunes

via which of the following methods? (Select TWO).


A.      4G LTE

B.      USB cable

C.      FireWire

D.      Bluetooth

E.       Local Wi-Fi


Correct Answer: BE




A technician is working on a consumer computer that has multiple virus infections. The end user

states that all of their data documents are stored on a backup drive. Which of the following

methods are commonly available to do a clean install and return the computer back to factory

condition? (Select TWO).


A.      Upgrade installation disc

B.      Repair installation

C.      Factory recovery partition

D.      OS installation disc

E.       Remote network installation


Correct Answer: CD



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