A small business owner is looking to assign users to a Windows group level. They have the

following requirements for these users, and stress that they should receive no more privileges

than necessary:


Ÿ   The users should not be able to change passwords for higher level accounts.

Ÿ   The users need the ability to install software.

Ÿ   The users cannot create new accounts for others.


Which of the following group levels will BEST meet these needs?


A.      Remote Desktop Users

B.      Power Users

C.      Standard Users

D.      Administrators


Correct Answer: B




A worker from a branch office goes to the main office for a meeting. They plug their laptop into a

couple of wall jacks and do not get network connectivity. Which of the following should the

technician check to resolve this issue for the employee?


A.      Encryption levels on the laptop.

B.      All antivirus updates have been performed.

C.      Disabled switch ports.

D.      If the users account has been locked.


Correct Answer: C




A technician receives a trouble ticket stating that a user is receiving error messages on their

computer. When the technician arrives at the computer, it is now working with no error messages

being displayed. Which of the following should the technician use to determine what the error

message was?


A.      MSINFO32


C.      DXDIAG

D.      REGSVR32


Correct Answer: B




The support center for a PC manufacturer believes that the hard drive may be having an issue.

The support representative asks the technician to find out how many pages per second and what

the queue length is for the hard drive. In which of the following utilities should the technician

look FIRST for this information?


A.      Performance Monitor

B.      Component Services

C.      Device Manager

D.      Drive Management


Correct Answer: A




The user is having trouble using the mouse. The technician believes a program stopped

responding that caused the issue and asks the customer to hold down “Ctrl + Shift + Esc” to verify. Which of the following did the technician launch?


A.      Task Manager

B.      Control Panel

C.      Services



Correct Answer: A




Joe, a user, copies a text document off of a CD drive into a folder. Joe has full control permissions

on the folder. When Joe tries to edit and save the document, the system prompts him to save it

to a new location. Which of the following is the reason for this behavior?


A.      The file properties are set to Read Only.

B.      The CD was damaged and transferred the file incorrectly.

C.      The original file was corrupted.

D.      The file has an incorrect file extension.


Correct Answer: A




Tablets are MOST likely to have which of the following?


A.      Parallel connector

B.      DisplayPort

C.      Swappable batteries

D.      Multiple screens

E.       Solid state drive


Correct Answer: E




Joe, a user, reports that each time his laptop is logged in to the company’s headquarters, his

system time changes. After Joe returns home, he adjusts the clock, which stays set correctly until

the computer is again at the company’s headquarters. No other users have reported any issues.

Which of the following is MOST likely occurring?


A.      The domain time controller is incorrect.

B.      The laptop firmware needs to be updated.

C.      The laptop has a malware infection.

D.      The laptop’s time zone is incorrectly set.


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following scenarios would benefit from client-side virtualization?


A.      Increased 3D gaming performance.

B.      Stronger NTFS permissions.

C.      Supporting a legacy application.

D.      Maintaining Windows Software update servers.


Correct Answer: C




In iOS, which of the following settings would need to be configured for ActiveSync?


A.      Mail, Contacts, & Calendars

B.      Music & Videos

C.      Phone & Messages

D.      Notifications & Location Services


Correct Answer: A



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