Which of the following settings should be implemented when a mobile device MUST be

configured to receive push email notification?


A.      POP3 with SSL

B.      ActiveSync

C.      IMAP

D.      Secure SMTP


Correct Answer: B




Anne, an end-user, reports to Joe, a helpdesk technician, that her computer has been redirecting

her browser to unknown websites when clicking on search results. Joe runs a malware scan and

finds that her computer is infected with malware. Joe uses the anti-malware program to remove

the infection but Anne reports that the problem resurfaced the next day. Joe runs the malware

scan again and finds the same malware is still infecting Anne’s computer. Joe runs several passes

of the malware scan to remove the infection but it keeps recurring. Which of the following would

MOST likely aid in removing the infection?


A.      Enable Windows User Access Control to ensure the user has proper rights to remove the

infected files.

B.      Disable Windows firewall as it may be conflicting with the malware scan.

C.      Run the malware scan in Windows safe mode.

D.      Change the desktop’s IP address to a different subnet.


Correct Answer: C




An employee receives a phone call inquiring about company information. This is an example of

which of the following?


A.      Phishing

B.      Social engineering

C.      Shoulder surfing

D.      Rootkits


Correct Answer: B




Joe, a new employee, requests to receive Exchange based company email on his tablet device.

Which of the following can a technician enable to BEST secure his Exchange account to ensure

the email account is not compromised in case his device is lost or stolen?


A.      Remote backup applications

B.      Antivirus

C.      Locator applications

D.      Forced pin locks


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following is a common component found on ultra thin laptops and tablet devices?


A.      Solid state drives

B.      Touch screen interface

C.      Upgradeable RAM

D.      Field serviceable parts


Correct Answer: A




A user, Joe, wants to enable communication between his GPS and his smartphone. Which of the

following would allow for this communication?


A.      A data link cable

B.      A wireless access point

C.      Bluetooth pairing

D.      Infrared communication


Correct Answer: C




Which of the following mobile device features is responsible for shifting the device display



A.      Device calibration

B.      Gyroscope

C.      GPS

D.      Accelerometer


Correct Answer: B




An individual pretending to be a consultant trying to gain access to information is an example of

which of the following?


A.      Chassis Intrusion

B.      Principle of Least Privilege

C.      Social Engineering

D.      Identity Theft


Correct Answer: C




On a mobile device, enforcing a policy that erases a device after a number of failed login

attempts is used to prevent which of the following?


A.      Unauthorized application installations

B.      Brute forcing

C.      Social engineering

D.      Man-in-the-middle attack


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following BEST describes the difference between batteries used in iOS devices

versus Android devices?


A.      iOS devices batteries are NiMH.

B.      Android device batteries are wirelessly charged.

C.      Android device batteries also work in iOS devices.

D.      iOS device batteries are not replaceable.


Correct Answer: D



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