A company is looking to donate a collection of old PCs that are no longer needed. Which of the following data destruction methods would be MOST secure for highly sensitive information?


A.      Simple 1-pass zero overwrite

B.      Low level 3-pass random wipe

C.      Low level 7-pass random wipe

D.      High level format 10 times


Correct Answer: C




A user receives an unsolicited call from a technician claiming to be from a Microsoft certified partner. The technician tricks the user into allowing them access to their PC because of malware alerts that were being broadcasted. Which of the following attacks is this user a victim of?


A.      Shoulder surfing

B.      Phishing attack

C.      Social engineering

D.      Malware infection


Correct Answer: C




A user’s PC breaks and a technician needs to configure a new machine with a copy of their computer image stored on a remote server. Which of the following technologies would help RIS install this image?


A.      BRD

B.      DVD

C.      USB

D.      PXE

E.       CD


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following identifies traffic based upon its physical network address?


A.      Phishing

B.      Hashing

C.      MAC filtering

D.      Geotracking


Correct Answer: C




A technician must secure company documents from accidental disclosure. Which of the following should be implemented? (Select TWO).


A.      User training

B.      Anti-malware

C.      Paper shredding

D.      Time of day restrictions

E.       Employee badges

F.       Mantraps


Correct Answer: AC




Which of the following is TRUE about the difference between a worm and a virus?


A.      Worms are written in assembly while viruses are written with scripting languages.

B.      Viruses hide in the boot record while worms hide within the file system.

C.      Worms self-propagate while viruses need human intervention to replicate.

D.      Viruses disable the antivirus update service while worms kill the antivirus process.


Correct Answer: C




A technician is tasked with improving the security of a SOHO network. The office is comprised of a single wireless router located under the front desk where the office manager sits. All desktop computers are wired into the router which is configured with strong device credentials. Additionally, wireless is disabled on the router. Which of the following should the technician perform NEXT to improve the security of the SOHO network?


A.      Disable the router’s remote management feature.

B.      Enable WPA2 wireless encryption.

C.      Change the router’s default admin name and password.

D.      Place the router in a locked room.


Correct Answer: D


A technician is setting up automatic login to desktop for a non-domain Windows XP system. Which of the following administrative tools would accomplish this?


A.      User Accounts

B.      Network and Sharing Center

C.      Task Manager

D.      System Configuration


Correct Answer: A




A user calls the help desk to report about their smartphone not being able to make any phone calls. The user admits that the smartphone can still send/receive email, browse all websites, and utilize all Internet-capable applications. Which of the following issues is MOST likely affecting the smartphone?


A.      Wi-Fi is turned off; the cellular antenna is turned on.

B.      The cellular antenna is turned off; Wi-Fi is still on.

C.      The user forgot to turn off Bluetooth before trying to make a call.

D.      The user has 4G capability turned off, and is only on 2G.


Correct Answer: B




A technician is troubleshooting a customer’s computer that will not turn on. The user stated that the computer was working fine until there was a thunderstorm the other night. Which of the following tools would the technician use to determine what is wrong with the computer?


A.      Factory diagnostic CD

B.      POST card

C.      Toner probe

D.      Power supply tester


Correct Answer: D



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