General Overview

Proseware, lnc., is an international manufacturing company that has 3,000 users. Proseware has a sales department, a marketing department, a research department, and a human resources department.

Proseware recently purchased a small competitor named Contoso, Ltd.


Physical Locations

Proseware has two offices. The offices are located in New York and London. The offices connect to each other by using a WAN link. Each office connects directly to the Internet.

Contoso has one office in Chicago.


Existing Environment


Active Directory Environment

The network of Proseware contains an Active Directory forest named proseware.corn. The forest contains a single domain and two sites named London and New York. Each site contains two domain controllers that run Windows Server 2008 R2. The domain controllers in the New York site are named DC1 and DC2. The domain controllers in the London site are named DC3 and DC4.

All FSMO roles are hosted on DC3 and DC4.

The network of Contoso contains an Active Directory forest named contoso.com. The forest contains five domain controllers and one site.


Exchange Server Organization

Proseware has an Exchange Server 2013 organization that contains two database availability groups (DAGs) named DAG-NYC and DAG-LON. The DAGs are configured as shown in the following table.




The certificate used for Exchange Server 2013 has a subject name of mail.proseware.corn and a Subject Alternative Name (SAN) of autodiscover.proseware.com.

Each mailbox database has three copes. All users connect to an active copy of the database on a server in their respective office. Native data protection is implemented.

NTLM communication is used exclusively for Outlook Anywhere both internally and externally.


Problem Statements

Proseware identifies the following issues:


Users report that sometimes, they fail to access the free/busy information of the other users. You also discover that some users fail to retrieve Autodiscover settings.

Users in the London office report that during a 24-hour WAN outage, they could see only new users in the global address list (GAL) from Outlook Web App.

The manager of the human resources department in the New York office cannot see new London office users in the GAL until several hours after the help desk confirms that the users were created.

A hung MSExchangeOWAAppPool in Internet Information Services (IIS) on EX1 causes all of the database copies to fail over. Despite having the same CopyQueueLength and ReplayOueueLength as the copies on EX2, the copies on EX3, which have a higher activation preference, are activated, forcing user connections over the WAN.

A custom application named Appl recently malfunctioned and sent hundreds of false positive email notifications that had a subject of System Alert: Sales Database Reaching Capacity to all of the users in the organization. While attempting to remove the email messages, an administrator ran the Search-Mailbox -DeleteContent command and erroneously deleted valid email messages from the mailboxes of some executives.





Business Goal

Proseware identifies the following business goals:


Reduce the costs associated with using bandwidth on the WAN links.

Improve social media integration by using a Microsoft Outlook app that will be deployed to all of the users in the sales department.


Planned Changes

Proseware plans to make the following changes:


Implement a lagged copy for the mailbox database of the executives

Implement an RBAC-linked role group for the administrators at Contoso to manage the mailboxes of the Proseware users.


Technical Requirements

Proseware identifies the following technical requirements:


End users must be notified after one hour if the email messages that they send are not delivered.

If mailbox database storage fails, the IT department must be able to recover old email messages that were sent up to five days earlier to the mailboxes of the executives.

All new users hired at Contoso must have a user account in contoso.com and an Exchange Server mailbox in proseware.com. All new user accounts in contoso.com must have a user principal name (UPN) that ends with proseware.com.

Administrators at Contoso must be able to create and manage recipient objects in the Exchange Server organization of Proseware by using their existing contoso.com administrator account. All Contoso recipient objects must reside in an organizational unit (OU) named proseware.com.


Security Requirements

The Chief Security Officer (CSO) introduces the following security requirements:


All Outlook users who connect from the Internet must use Basic authentication only.

All Outlook users who connect from the internal network must use NTLM authentication only.


SLA Requirements

Due to productivity losses during some recent maintenance windows, the Chief Information Officer (ClO) introduces a new service level agreement (SLA) requiring that all servers entering or exiting a maintenance window must be taken in and out of service properly.


The SLA contains the following requirements:

All mounted databases on the server undergoing maintenance must be activated on another server.

All message queues on the server undergoing maintenance must be empty before maintenance can begin.

The server undergoing maintenance must be prevented from becoming a Primary Active Manager (PAM).

Databases copies on the server undergoing maintenance must not be activated while maintenance is occurring.





You are attempting to resolve the database activation issue. You need to identify why the database copies are activated on EX3 instead of EX2. Which command should you use?


To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area.


Hot Area:



Correct Answer:





You are implementing a solution to meet the security requirements for Outlook authentication. You purchase a new certificate that has a subject name of mail.proseware.com and SANs of autodiscover.proseware.com and oa.proseware.com.


You create a host (A) record for oa.proseware.com in the public DNS zone. Remote users report that they fail to connect to their mailbox by using Outlook. You need to ensure that the remote users can connect to their mailbox from Outlook. The solution must meet the security requirements. Which two commands should you run? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.)


A.        Set-OutlookProvider EXPR -CertPrincipalName msstd:mail.proseware.com

B.        Set-OutlookAnywhere -ExternalHostName oa.proseware.com

ExternalClientAuthenticationMethod Basic -ExternalClientsRequireSsI $true

-InternalHostName mail.proseware.com -InternalClientAuthenticationMethod

NTLM -InternalClientsRequireSsI Strue

C.        Set-OutlookProvider EXPR -CertPrincipalName msstd:oa.proseware.com

D.        Set-OutlookAnywhere -ExternalHostName mail.proseware.com

ExternalClientAuthenticationMethod Basic -ExternalClientsRequireSsI $true

-InternalHostName oa.proseware.com – InternalClientAuthenticationMethod

NTLM -InternalClientsRequireSsI $true


Correct Answer: AB




You need to recommend which actions must be performed to meet the technical requirements for the new Contoso users. Which three actions should you recommend? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose three.)


A.      Configure UPN suffix routing.

B.      Configure Contoso to trust Proseware.

C.      Configure Proseware to trust Contoso.

D.      Run the New-Mailbox cmdlet and specify the AccountDisabled parameter.

E.       Run the New-Mailbox cmdlet and specify the LinkedMasterAccount parameter.

F.       Create a linked role group.


Correct Answer: ACE




You need to recommend a solution to resolve the issue of the human resources department manager. What should you include in the recommendation?


A.      Run Set-ADServerSettings -ConfigurationDomainController dcl.proseware.com on all of the Exchange servers in the London site.

B.      Move the PDC emulator to the New York office.

C.      Modify the replication interval on the Active Directory site link.

D.      Schedule a task that runs the Update-AddressList command to run once per hour.


Correct Answer: C




You need to recommend a solution to resolve the issue for the London office users. What should you do?


A.      Modify the properties of the OAB virtual directory.

B.      Create a new address book policy.

C.      Modify the properties of the default offline address book (OAB).

D.      Create a new arbitration mailbox.


Correct Answer: D




< span lang="EN-US">HOTSPOT

You need to recommend a solution to resolve the Autodiscover and the free/busy information issues. Which command should you include in the recommendation?


To answer, configure the appropriate options in the answer area.


Hot Area:



Correct Answer:






You need to recommend which command must be run to remove the email notifications from all of the servers if App1 malfunctions again. Which command should you recommend?


To answer, configure the appropriate options in the answer area.


Hot Area:



Correct Answer:




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