Northwind Traders is a retail company.


The company has offices in Montreal and San Diego. The office in Montreal has 1,000 client

computers. The office in San Diego has 100 computers. The computers in the San Diego office are

often replaced. The offices connect to each other by using a slow WAN link. Each office connects

directly to the Internet.


Existing Environment

Active Directory Environment

The network contains an Active Directory forest named northwindtraders.com. The forest

contains two domains named northwindtraders.com and west.northwindtraders.com. All servers

run Windows Server 2012 R2.


All client computers run Windows 7.


Each office is configured as an Active Directory site. The site in the Montreal office is named Site1. The site in the San Diego office is named Site2.


The forest contains four domain controllers. The domain controllers are configured as shown in

the following table.




DC1, DC2, and DC3 are writable domain controllers. R0DC1 is read-only domain controller (RODC). All DNS zones are Active Directory-integrated. All zones replicate to all of the domain controllers.


All of the computers in the San Diego office are configured to use RODC1 as their only DNS server.


The northwindtraders.com domain contains a Group Policy object (GPO) named GPO1. GP01 is

applied to all of the users in the Montreal office.



All of the user accounts for the Montreal users are in the northwindtraders.com domain. All of

the user accounts for the San Diego users are in the west.northwindtraders.com domain.


Network Environment

Site1 contains the member servers in the northwindtraders.com domain shown in the following table.




Server1 connects to SAN storage that supports Offloaded Data Transfer (ODX). All virtual hard

disks (VHDs) are stored on the SAN.


A web application named App1 is installed on Servers.


Server3 has a shared folder that contains sales reports. The sales reports are read frequently by

the users in both offices. The reports are generated automatically once per week by an enterprise

resource planning (ERP) system.


A perimeter network in the Montreal office contains two standalone servers. The servers are

configured as shown in the following table.




The servers in the perimeter network are accessible from the Internet by using a domain name

suffix of public.northwindtraders.com.


Each administrator has a management computer that runs Windows 8.1.



Planned Changes

Northwind Traders plans to implement the following changes:


On Server1, create four virtual machines that run Windows Server 2012 R2. The servers will be

configured as shown in the following table.



Ÿ   Configure IP routing between Site1 and the network services that Northwind Traders hosts

in Windows Azure.

Ÿ   Place a domain controller for the northwindtraders.com domain in Windows Azure.

Ÿ   Upgrade all of the computers in the Montreal office to Windows 8.1.

Ÿ   Purchase a subscription to Microsoft Office 365.

Ÿ   Configure a web application proxy on Server6.

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