Exam Code: 98-363
Exam Name: Web Development Fundamentals

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When configuring a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) client, where do you define the URL for the WCF service?

A. In the registry on the client computer
B. In the Global.asax file
C. In the element in the configuration file
D. In the element in the configuration file

Correct Answer: C

When a Web site is created, IIS:

A. will place the Web site in the first application pool listed alphabetically on the drop-down list in IIS.
B. will place the Web site in DefaultAppPool.
C. will not place the Web site in an application pool.
D. will prompt the administrator to create a new application pool or to select an existing one.

Correct Answer: B

Which property of the SqlDataSource control includes the name of the database and other parameters needed to establish the connection?

A. ConnectionString
B. SelectCommand
C. GridView
D. SelectParameters

Correct Answer: A

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