Perform all of the following steps. When you receive your results,
these items will be reported as a single score identified as RHCE.
You must score 70 percent on the RHCE requirements in order to earn RHCE.
You will note that some requirements specify that a service should not be
available from the DNS domain my133t.org. All systems in that domain are
in the subnet, and all systems in that subnet are in my133t.org.

4. Export your /shared directory via NFS to the all station machin in your domain only.
Note: because you will not have root access, you will not be able to directly mount your exported
/shared directory using your guest account on the system provided for testing.
However, the automounter on the system has been configured
such that it will automount your /shared directory under /home/guestx/nfs/station
where x is your station number. Consequently, successful execution
of ls /home/guestx/nfs/stationx indicates that the automounter was able to automount your NFS

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