EnsurePass Dumps 101 PDF http://www.ensurepass.com/101.html   QUESTION 21 DRAG DROP Place the following items in the order that the BIG-IP device uses when processing a packet.     Correct Answer: QUESTION 22 GTM can load balance to LTM in addition to non-BIG-IP hosts.   A. True B. False   Correct Answer: A     QUESTION 23 You need to terminate client SSL traffic at the BIG-IP and also to persist client traffic to the same pool member based on a BIG-IP supplied cookie. Read more [...]
EnsurePass Dumps 101 VCE http://www.ensurepass.com/101.html     QUESTION 61 Where is persistence mirroring configured?   A. It is always enabled. B. It is part of a pool definition. C. It is part of a profile definition. D. It is part of a virtual server definition.   Correct Answer: C     QUESTION 62 Complete the statement below by choosing the correct word or phrase to complete the sentence. By identifying IP addresses and security categories associated Read more [...]
EnsurePass Dumps 101 Dumps http://www.ensurepass.com/101.html   QUESTION 1 The ARX can see ________ when a data modification takes place and will cue that file to be migrated back to the primary tier.   A. In real time B. Nightly C. Weekly D. At the time of a system scan E. When scheduled by administrator   Correct Answer: A     QUESTION 2 Which of the following are the three main business drivers for placing LTM into a network? (Choose three.)   A. Secure Read more [...]