EnsurepassQuestion 51 Scenario: An administrator manages a single NetScaler appliance. A Network IT Administrator has prohibited access to VLAN1 and is requesting that the NetScaler Administrator change the management IP address of the appliance. Which IP address should the NetScaler Administrator change? A. VIP B. MIP C. NSIP D. SNIP   Answer: C     Question 52 An administrator plans to configure single sign-on with smart card on NetScaler. What should the administrator configure Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 41 An administrator must configure a NetScaler system to be compliant with security policies that require the Security Team to have the ability to provide the identity of all the connected users. Which action could the administrator take to meet this requirement? A. Configure SNMP. B. Generate a Trace file. C. Configure an audit policy. D. Generate a Custom Report.   Answer: B     Question 42 Which two actions should an administrator take to ensure the first NetScaler Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 31 Scenario: After an infrastructure service review, an administrator needs to improve the availability of core Web applications for customers. The administrator needs to place two recently purchased NetScalers in two different datacenters on two different subnets. Which two options could the administrator configure for the two NetScaler devices? (Choose two.) A. GSLB B. VRRP C. Cluster D. Virtual MAC address E. High availability INC pair   Answer: A,E     Question Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 21 Scenario: An administrator plans to troubleshoot connections to the SSL virtual server configured on the NetScaler by using the WireShark tool. The administrator created a network trace file. What will the administrator need to decrypt the network trace? A. NS-root key B. NS-server key C. Private key of the root certification authority D. Private key of the certificate that is bound to the virtual server   Answer: D     Question 22 Scenario: A number of administrators Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 11 Scenario: For auditing requirements, NetScaler administrators are required to use their Active Directory accounts to log on to NetScaler. All NetScaler administrators belong to the NSAdmins Active Directory group. Which configuration must an administrator create in NetScaler to meet the requirements of the scenario? A. User accounts B. NSAdmins group C. Authorization policy D. Service Groups policy   Answer: B     Question 12 Scenario: An administrator is implementing Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 1 A company uses various pre-approved user devices in the environment, including mobile devices running iOS and Android operating systems. Which two types of policies could an administrator use on the NetScaler Gateway virtual server to allow access to these mobile devices? (Choose two.) A. Rewrite policies, including endpoint analysis scans B. Session policies, excluding the endpoint analysis scans C. Authorization policies, including the endpoint analysis scans D. Pre-authentication Read more [...]