EnsurepassQuestion 51 A Citrix Engineer must determine the placement of a XenMobile Device Manager server within a XenMobile deployment that consists of NetScaler. Which two placement options are possible? (Choose two.)   A. DMZ using Caching on the NetScaler B. DMZ using SSL Bridge on the NetScaler C. LAN using SSL Offloading on the NetScaler D. LAN using Clientless VPN on the NetScaler   Answer: B,C     Question 52 Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to create a proof of concept Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 41 How would a Citrix Engineer configure a tenant to have high availability to support thousands of connecting devices and maximize uptime?   A. Edit the server.xml file. B. Edit the ew-config-properties file. C. Create an additional set of connectors. D. Create and configure Tomcat Server cluster.   Answer: D     Question 42 Scenario: A user has been blocked from receiving email on a mobile device because the device is jailbroken. A Citrix Engineer needs to Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 31 Scenario: A Citrix Engineer creates a base deployment package for Android that includes Software Inventory, Remote Support Tunnel and a Passcode policy. After the device enrollment is completed and the base package is pushed out to users successfully, the engineer realizes that a Location Services policy needs to be added to the base package. After adding the policy to the base package successfully, the engineer notices that the policy is NOT being applied to previously enrolled Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 21 Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to deploy the WorxWeb mobile application. However, management does NOT want users to use WorxWeb for Internet browsing through the Micro VPN tunnel. Which MDX policy configuration must the engineer implement to meet the requirements outlined in the scenario?   A. Set the Require WiFi policy to 'On'. B. Set Network Access to 'Unrestricted'. C. Set the Require Internal Network policy to 'On'. D. Set Network Access to 'Tunneled to internal Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 11 When joining additional servers to an on-premise StorageZone environment, which URL should a Citrix Engineer use for the Primary Zone Controller field/entry?   A. http://<primary server IP address>/ControlPoint B. http://<primary server IP address>/PrimaryZone C. http://<primary server IP address>/ConfigService D. http://<primary server IP address>/PrimaryConfig   Answer: C     Question 12 A Citrix Engineer is integrating a Microsoft Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 1 Which connection type is used when WorxWeb for iOS is configured to use Secure Browse mode?   A. Full VPN B. Micro VPN C. STA Tunnel D. Clientless VPN   Answer: D     Question 2 What is the recommended procedure for reverting an App Controller high availability (HA) pair to a previous snapshot?   A. Import the snapshot to the secondary node, import the snapshot to the primary node and restart the primary node. B. Disable high availability, shut down Read more [...]