Ensurepass QUESTION NO: 131 A user reports that at times the display on their monitor gets shaky and wavy. Which of the following describes a possible reason that this occurs? A. The refresh rate of the monitor was set too high causing the video card to become over-utilized. B. The resolution on the monitor was set too high and caused the display to become unstable. C. The user was visiting websites that were not approved by the company and were blocked. D. The user Read more [...]
Ensurepass QUESTION NO: 36 The PING command can be used to determine which of the following? (Select TWO). A. If there is connection to a specified IP address B. The gateway address of a currently logged on user C. The response time of the connection to a specific IP address D. The amount of hops it takes to reach destination computer E. The active connections to a computer Answer: A,C QUESTION NO: 37 Which of the following would a technician enable on a Read more [...]
Ensurepass QUESTION NO: 81 Which of the following connectors uses the main board ATX connector type? A. Centro nix B. 20/24 pin C. BNC D. Molex Answer: B QUESTION NO: 82 Which of the following helps protect important confidential information from being publicly disclosed? A. Hard drive wiping B. Social Engineering C. Classification D. RAS server Answer: C QUESTION NO: 83 Which of the following devices is used to move frames between a Read more [...]