Ensurepass QUESTION NO: 66 Which of the following network types allows for high speed data communication and is the MOST difficult to splice into? A. Cable B. DSL C. Satellite D. Fiber Answer: D QUESTION NO: 67 Which of the following provides the BEST transfer speed for a HDD? A. SATA B. IEEE 1394 C. EIDE D. IDE Answer: A QUESTION NO: 68 A technician turns on the computer and a blue screen appears on the monitor with an error code. Read more [...]
Ensurepass QUESTION NO: 136 A technician is installing a motherboard that has a 24-pin connector from the power supply to the motherboard. Which of the following devices are the additional four pins used? A. Extra drives B. The processor C. Extra RAM D. Cooling system Answer: B QUESTION NO: 137 Active heat sinks incorporate which of the following into their design? A. Gas B. Water C. Fans D. Grease Answer: C QUESTION NO: 138 Read more [...]