EnsurepassQUESTION 111 You are managing SharePoint Online site collections. You need to assign the minimum permission level necessary to create subsites. Which permission level should you assign?   Approve Design Manage Hierarchy Contribute   Correct Answer: C     QUESTION 112 HOTSPOT You are managing a web application named App1. You need to configure App1 to allow anonymous access. Which web application settings should you configure? (To answer, select the appropriate element Read more [...]
EnsurepassQUESTION 101 HOTSPOT A company has a SharePoint farm. The environment contains a server-based virus scanner. You need to configure the SharePoint farm to clean infected documents when users open documents or save documents to their computers. How should you configure the antivirus settings? (To answer, select the appropriate check boxes in the answer area.)   Hot Area:   Correct Answer:     QUESTION 102 You are managing a site collection in a SharePoint farm. You need Read more [...]
EnsurepassQUESTION 91 A company is planning to deploy My Sites to its 25,000 employees. The company will maintain dedicated content databases for the storage of personal site collections. You need to create the minimum number of content databases required to support the My Sites. What should you do?   Create three content databases. Set the value of the WarningSiteCount property of each content database to 10,000. Create one content database. Set the value of the WarningSiteCount property Read more [...]
EnsurepassQUESTION 81 HOTSPOT A three-tiered SharePoint farm contains two front-end web servers, one application server, and one enterprise database server. The database server is also used by other critical line-of-business applications. You do not have administrative rights on the database server. The SharePoint content databases are fragmented and are degrading the performance of other databases. You need to access the correct tools for performing maintenance on the SharePoint content databases. Read more [...]
EnsurepassQUESTION 71 DRAG DROP You are managing a SharePoint site collection that contains a site for each department. Users in the Accounting department have the following requirements for the department SharePoint site:   All group members must be able to create document workspaces, approve site content, and add group members. Group membership must be visible only to group members. Other users must not be able to request group membership.   You need to meet the requirements of the Read more [...]
EnsurepassQUESTION 61 HOTSPOT The application log in the Windows Event Viewer shows object caching errors. You resolve the errors by modifying a web application in the farm. After you resolve the errors, users are unable to access sites in the web application. You need to restore user access to the sites. On the Manage Web Applications page, which option should you configure? (To answer, select the appropriate option in the answer area.)   Hot Area:   Correct Answer:     QUESTION Read more [...]
EnsurepassQUESTION 55 HOTSPOT A SharePoint environment was set up by using an automated installation script. Corporate policies prevent the use of wizards for installing and configuring server environments. You plan to provide navigation based on term sets. You need to ensure that you can create the term sets. Which service should you configure? (To answer, select the appropriate service in the answer area.)   Hot Area:     Correct Answer:     QUESTION 56 You are managing Read more [...]
EnsurepassBackground You are the SharePoint server administrator for Contoso, Ltd. Contoso has a SharePoint 2010 environment hosted on SharePoint Online and a separate on-premises SharePoint 2010 farm. You are preparing to upgrade the environments to newer versions of SharePoint. You are also planning to support a hybrid on-premises/cloud deployment that will be available to customers, partners, and third-party vendors.   Contoso collaborates with a partner company, Tailspin Toys, on multiple Read more [...]
EnsurepassBackground   General Background You are a SharePoint administrator for A. Datum Corporation. A. Datum is a large legal firm with offices in Chicago, New York, and London. A. Datum is merging with a smaller legal firm named Fabrikam, Inc.   Technical Background A. Datum has an Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) domain named adatum.com. The domain contains an Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS) server.   The A. Datum SharePoint environment includes the Read more [...]
EnsurepassBackground   General Background You are the SharePoint administrator for Blue Yonder Airlines. The company currently has a SharePoint 2010 environment. It is your responsibility to install and configure a SharePoint 2013 environment that will be used for information management and collaboration, both internally and with external partners. You must also migrate the existing SharePoint environment to SharePoint 2013.   Blue Yonder works with several external partners, including Read more [...]
EnsurepassBackground General Background You are a SharePoint administrator for an online photo-processing company named Contoso, Ltd. Contoso's primary customers are professional photographers. The Contoso SharePoint 2013 environment includes the sites described in the following table.     The intranet site includes a document library for each employee in which the employee stores photos.   Technical Background The SharePoint environment contains five front-end web servers that use Read more [...]