Get Full Version of the Exam Question No.92You are developing a .NET application that uses the HttpClient type to call an ASP.NET Web API application. The API call returns a list of customers in JSON format and logs the results. The URI for the API call is in a variable named address. You need to make the API call without blocking. Which code segment should you use?Option AOption BOption COption DCorrect Answer: A Explanation: Example:// Create an HttpClient Read more [...]
Get Full Version of the Exam Question No.82HOTSPOTYou are developing an ASP.NET MVC application. It is ready for deployment to the production web server.A local SQL Express .MDF file was used by the application during development The deployment has the following requirements:The deployment must merge the assemblies on the local machine with those on the host. The deployment must publish the local database to the remote Microsoft SQL server.You need to configure Read more [...]
Get Full Version of the Exam Question No.61DRAG DROPYou are developing a WCF Data Services service in Visual Studio 2012 to display movie information from a SQL Server database that changes every 24 hours. The service is defined in the following class.The application contains the following Entity Framework model.The service must only return data for movies that are currently in theaters. You need to add a method to the MovieService class to filter the data.How Read more [...]
Get Full Version of the Exam Question No.51DRAG DROPYou are developing an ASP.NET Web API application that will be consumed by a web browser via a composite application that is served from another web domain.You need to configure the Web API. What should you do?To answer, drag the appropriate XML elements to the correct location or locations in the answer area. Each XML element may be used once, more than once, or not at all. You may need to drag the split Read more [...]