Get Full Version of the Exam Question No.143Which of the following are valid differences between page blobs and block blobs? (Choose TWO)Page blobs are much faster for all operations.Block blobs allow files to be uploaded and assembled later. Blocks can be resubmitted individually.Page blobs are good for all sorts of files, like video and images.Block blobs have a max size of 200 GB. Page blobs can be 1 terabyte.Correct Answer: BD Question No.144Which statement Read more [...]
Get Full Version of the Exam Question No.133You administer an Azure subscription for your company.You have an application that updates text files frequently. The text files will not exceed 20 gigabytes (GB) in size. Each write operation must not exceed 4 megabytes (MB).You need to allocate storage in Azure for the application.Which three storage types will achieve the goal? Each correct answer presents a complete blobqueueappend blobblock blobfile Read more [...]
Get Full Version of the Exam Question No.123You have an existing classic virtual network.You need to export the virtual network settings to an XML file to make modifications. Which Azure PowerShell cmdlet should you use?Get-AzureVNetSiteGet-AzureVNetConnectionGet-AzureVNetGatewayGet-AzureVNetConfigCorrect Answer: D Question No.124You administer an Access Control Service namespace named contosoACS that is used by a web application. ContosoACS currently utilizes Read more [...]
Get Full Version of the Exam Question No.113One of the strategic reasons to source component technology purchases from multiple providers is to:Avoid vendor lock-in.Influence governmental organizations.Keep vendor prices down.Encourage vendor control.Correct Answer: AExplanation:When it comes to building applications for the cloud, John Gossman, an employee of Microsoft, thinks agility and portability are essential. quot;You don#39;t want to get locked in too Read more [...]
Get Full Version of the Exam Question No.103You have an existing virtual network with a gateway that is deployed to Azure. You delete all objects that are deployed to the virtual network.You use the Azure portal to delete the virtual network, but the deletion fails. You need to determine the cause of the error.What should you do first?Delete any local network settings and DNS servers.Save all settings.Delete all point-to site virtual private network connections.Delete Read more [...]
Get Full Version of the Exam Question No.93Which of the following is an example of SaaS?Offshore help desk supportHosted database software and development toolsHosted email softwareHosted network hardwareCorrect Answer: CExplanation:If you#39;ve used a web-based email service such as Outlook, Hotmail, or Yahoo! Mail, then you#39;ve already used a form of SaaS. With these services, you log into your account over the Internet, often from a web browser. The email Read more [...]
Get Full Version of the Exam Question No.83From a risk assessment perspective, which of the following is MOST important to acquire and review before a business integrates cloud computing into its existing environment?Cloud provider DRP and COOPThe time to market expectationThe total cost of ownershipThe company original RFPCorrect Answer: AExplanation:A disaster recovery plan (DRP) - sometimes referred to as a business continuity plan (BCP) or business process Read more [...]
Get Full Version of the Exam Question No.73Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) will present challenges for the network administrator as they move their users to the cloud. Which of the following would be considered a major challenge?Developing a backup environment for the end userTroubleshooting the users#39; applicationsSupporting multiple devices (e.g. tablets, thin clients)Centralizing the applicationsCorrect Answer: CExplanation: Question Read more [...]
Get Full Version of the Exam Question No.63You have an on-premises Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) application. A section of the application uses resources that are hosted in Azure. The application uses Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to control access to the section of the application that accesses Azure resources. You synchronize all user principals to Azure Active Directory.The application has the following requirements:Use Windows integrated credentials Read more [...]
Get Full Version of the Exam Question No.53A critical internal IT server provisioning process is under review and the IT manager is considering moving the process to the cloud. The IT staff has selected the cloud provider and must now migrate the process. Which of the following MUST the IT staff do to ensure the transaction meets the IT manager#39;s requirements?Pilot the process using cloud resources and perform a comprehensive test.Survey the business users Read more [...]
Get Full Version of the Exam Question No.43HOTSPOTYou deploy a new version of a cloud-service application to a staging slot. The application consists of one web role. You prepare to swap the new version of the application into the production slot. Your Azure account has access to multiple Azure subscriptions. You load the Azure PowerShell cmdlets into the Windows PowerShell command shell. The command shell is NOT configured for certificate-based authentication.You Read more [...]