EnsurepassQuestion 71 You require that an email notification be sent to an employee’s manager when a task that has been assigned to that employee deadlines. What should you do? A. Add a TaskDeadlined event to your process map and set the behavior type to Throw. Capture that event in a separate process to email the employee’s manager. B. In the Assign Task activity, enable the follow a specific route on deadline property C. Configure a route from the Assign Task activity and add an expression Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 61 You are designing a process. How should you handle exceptions that occur from a JDBC service operation? A. Add a route from the operation B. Add a route from the event catch symbol of the operation C. Add an event to the operation and add a route from the event picker D. You do NOT need to handle exceptions, the process will continue     Answer: B     Question 62 Which should you specify when you use the JDBC service? A. The name of the data source B. The Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 51 You are using the Set Value. What happens when you try to move data of one type into a variable of a different type?’ A. You cannot move data into a variable of a different type. B. Coercion is attempted, and if not possible, stops execution. C. Coercion is attempted, and if not possible, the target variable is empty. D. The type of the variable is changed to accommodate the data being moved.     Answer: B     Question 52 Which statement about conditions Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 41 You want to create a single PDF document from files contained in a folder. Which operation should you use? A. Create PDF B. Invoke DDX C. Create 3D PDF D. Transform PDF     Answer: B     Question 42 Which Workbench view is used to configure an operation? A. Components B. Services C. Applications D. Process Properties     Answer: D     Question 43 When can you use an event receive in your process? A. any process type as long as the event Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 31 An end-user needs privileges for managing PKI credentials. Which role should you assign? A. Document Services Administrator B. Security Administrator C. Credential Administrator D. Trust Administrator     Answer: D     Question 32 A user needs to fill out a form in LiveCycle Workspace. The form is policy protected. Which role should be assigned to the user? A. LiveCycle Rights Management End User B. LiveCycle Rights Management Invite User C. LiveCycle Workspace Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 21 Your development team used the LiveCycle turnkey installation (JBoss and MySQL) to create an application for a production environment which is using WebSphere and Oracle. You want to move an application from the development to the production environment. What should you do? A. Login to Workbench on a development server and create the archive file. Login to the Workbench on the production server and import the archive file. B. Login to Workbench on a development server and create Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 11 Your client uses Adobe Reader 5. Which form type can your client use? A. Acroforms B. XFA C. FileNet D. Java     Answer: A     Question 12 You are creating an XFA form script in LiveCycle Designer. You want to work with an AcroForm object. Which statement about scripting for AcroForm objects in LiveCycle Designer is true? A. You CANNOT work with AcroForm objects in LiveCycle Designer. B. You must treat AcroForm objects as read-only. C. You must use JavaScript Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 1 Which statement about the functionality provided within the Process Management module is true? A. The Process Management module includes a web application that allows users to start, participate in, and track processes in which you have participated. B. The Process Management module includes a process simulation engine. C. The Process Management module includes the services required to convert MS Office documents to PDF. D. The Process Management module includes the services Read more [...]