EnsurepassQuestion 81 You are debugging an application in Flash CS5 and want to view the properties of a MovieClip called myMC at a certain point in the application. What is the most efficient way to do this? A. Set a breakpoint on the line where you want to see myMC's properties and view them by expanding myMC in the Variables panel in the Debugger. B. Set a breakpoint on the line where you want to see myMC's properties, and then look for values of the myMC MovieClip in the Output panel. C. Loop Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 71 You are creating a custom code snippet in the Create New Code Snippet dialog that will be applied to instances of symbols. How do you create the snippet to dynamically include the symbol instance name? A. Use instance_name_here where the name of the instance should be inserted. B. Use the class path for the instance's class where the name of the instance should be inserted. C. Select a symbol instance on the stage and click the Auto-fill button. D. Include a note in the Tooltip Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 61 Click the Exhibit button. What is the result for the code shown in the exhibit? A. It will fail since the Document class needs to extend the Movie Clip Class B. It will instantiate for the document without a trace appearing C. It will instantiate for the document with the trace appearing on the stage D. It will instantiate for the document with a trace appearing in the output window   Answer: D     Question 62 You have created a 24 frame Motion Tween, converted Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 51 You want to get a specific cue point Object by name in ActionScript 3. Which method of the FLVPlayback should be used? A. findCuePoint( ) B. getCuePointByName( ) C. findCuePointByName( ) D. getCuePoint( )   Answer: A     Question 52 You've placed an instance of the FLVPlayback component on the stage and successfully loaded your source video file. You've used the Live Preview feature to locate a point in your video where you want to place a cue point. What should Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 41 You have created a new Motion Tween and applied a default Motion Preset. How should you edit the tween? (Choose two). A. Place the playhead on the timeline and drag your symbol on the stage. B. Open the Motion Editor and make adjustments to the tween. C. Right click the preset in the Motion Presets panel and choose Edit. D. Choose Modify > Motion Preset. E. Drag your tween into the Library.   Answer: AB     Question 42 Your client is concerned about accessibility Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 31 Which tool should you use to create a dotted grid within your document? A. Paint Bucket tool. B. Rectangle tool. C. Rectangle Primitive tool. D. Deco tool.   Answer: D     Question 32 Which tool should you use to create a sporadic dotted fill within your document? A. Paint Bucket tool. B. Brush tool. C. Spray Bush tool. D. Pen tool.   Answer: C     Question 33 You want to use a MovieClip in the Library to create a symmetrical pattern on the stage. Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 21 You have a Flash CS5 project requiring the use of your corporate font. How would you assure that you have access to your corporate fonts in dynamic text if you don't know whether the new Text Layout Framework or Classic Text would be used? A. Fonts would have to be embedded in ActionScript B. Fonts would need to be embedded on a per instance basis C. Use the Font Embedding dialogue to add the font characters needed for the document D. You must embed all font characters if you Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 11 You've saved a file in the XFL file format. Which statement is true? A. The XFL file will no longer be able to be edited in the Flash IDE B. The file you would edit in a text editor will not have the name of the original Flash project C. Saving to the new XFL format dramatically reduces the size of your file D. Your file will be saved with your coding and timeline information but without assets   Answer: B     Question 12 You are saving a Flash document in Flash Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 1 You have a requirement for an AIR 2 project that will support accessibility. Which class is designed to address this need? A. MakeAccessible B. AccessibilityImplementation C. Address503C D. JAWS   Answer: B     Question 2 Which Flash player version should be used to incorporate AIR, drop shadows, and accessibility features? A. Flash Player 10. B. Flash Player 9. C. Flash Player 8. D. Flash Player 7.   Answer: A     Question 3 You want to create a Read more [...]