EnsurepassQuestion: 71 In your CQ Component script you want to read a property value which has been created with a design dialog. How can you get the value?   A. String data = properties.get(propertyName,""); B. String data = currentNode.getStyleProperty(propertyName,""); C. String data = currentPage.getStyleProperty(propertyName,""); D. String data = currentStyle.get(propertyName,"");   Answer: D     Question: 72 You have created two templates, tempA and tempB. In the property Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion: 61 You want to install bundles through CRX only in the author instance. Which folder name can you use for that purpose?   A. All folders under the install folder. B. All folders under the install folder that are named author. C. All folders named install.author. D. The folder runmodes.author.   Answer: C     Question: 62 You are logged in as userA and you are impersonating userB. How are your activities logged in the access.log?   A. The logged userId Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion: 51 How can you configure a CQ component to allow an Author to edit content without opening a dialog?   A. Create and configure the /cq:editConfig/cq:inplaceEditing node under the component node. B. Create and configure the /cq:editConfig/cq:inplaceEditing node under the component's design dialog node. C. Create and configure the /cq:editConfig/cq:dropTargets node under the component node. D. Create and configure the /cq:editConfig/cq:inplaceEditing node under the component's Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion: 41 You want the process script to automatically advance the workflow to the next step after execution. Which dialog form field of a Process Step must be set to true?   A. Process Arguments. B. Timeout Handler. C. Timeout. D. Handler Advance.   Answer: D     Question: 42 You want to debug a CQ HTML client library in the author instance. You want to avoid compressing the JavaScript file. What must you do?   A. Add a property called debugClientLibs to the Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion: 31 What is the main purpose of the Components tab in the Apache Felix Web OSGi Console?   A. Display the list of all CQ components of node type cq:Component in the repository. B. A tool to create/edit/delete CQ components. C. It will create a report of all the pages that are using CQ Components in the repository. D. Allow you to Enable and/or Disable the various OSGi components.   Answer: D     Question: 32 You  are  installing  a  content  Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion: 21 You   are   creating   a   repository-based   OSGi   configuration.   Which   name   should   the   factory configuration node have?   A. Append "-factory" to the configuration node name. B. Start the node name with "config-" and end it with "-<numeric_value>". C. Append "-<identifier>" to the name, where identifier can be any unique name. D. Start Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion: 11 How do you specify dependencies for your CQ HTML client library?   A. Add a multivalue property called dependencies to the client library root node, containing the value of the dependent client libraries' categories. B. In the js.txt file specify the path to the client library folder where the dependent files are located. C. Add a multivalue property called dependencies to the template definition containing the value of the dependent client libraries root path. D. Specify Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion: 1 Which is the correct way to get the ValueMap of a resource?   A. resourceResolver.adaptTo(ValueMap.class) B. resource.adaptTo(ValueMap.class) C. currentNode.getValueMap() D. currentPage.getValueMap()   Answer: B     Question: 2 Which option do you need to add to the Java-based crx-quickstart command to specify that you will be using an LDAP authentication?   A. Dcom.day.crx.core.CRXUserManagerImpl=crx-quickstart/server/etc/ldap_login.conf B. Djava.security.auth.login.config=crx-quickstart/server/etc/ldap_login.conf Read more [...]