EnsurepassQuestion 61 HOTSPOT In the screenshot. click the interface element that lets you Include a server in the Favorite Servers list. Answer:   Question 62 In OS X, the "Connect to Server" command in the Finder supports which TWO network file protocols? (Select 2) A. FTP B. P2PP C. NCP D. NTP E. AFP F. ADC   Answer: A, E     Question 63 You need to bind your Mac to your company's Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 51 What is POP's role in email transactions? A. It lets mail clients retrieve email from the mail server. B. It transfers outgoing email from the sender's mail server to the recipient's mail server. C. It translates IP addresses into domain names, and vice versa D. It provides user account information, including the email address associated with a particular user account.   Answer: A Explanation: Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Post_Office_Protocol   Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 41 You are using Boot Camp to install Windows on a Mac. In addition to a Windows installation disc, you need a(n)       . A. OS X Mountain Lion installation disc B. PC with Windows 7 installed C. blank CD or DVD, or external drive formatted as MS-DOS D. UFS-formatted partition on the Mac   Answer: C     Question 42 HOTSPOT You are configuring a Mac to get email from an account on a Microsoft Exchange Server computer Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 31 Which statement accurately describes the function of FileVault 2? A. It keeps a journal that tracks all changes to a user's files. B. It encrypts a disk's contents. C. It backs up a user's data to a specified volume on a specified schedule. D. It stores a user's home folder as an encrypted disk image.   Answer: B     Question 32 Review the screenshot, and then answer the question below. You have a Mac with the user accounts shown Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 21 Which password was generated by choosing "Letters & Numbers" from the Type menu in Password Assistant? A. mBOLq9dWSMLE B. 741632465697 C. *90CJTLZ-oR' D. chap5soiree   Answer: A     Question 22 You are using the Mail assistant on your Mac to add a Mail account that will access email from an Exchange account. Which TWO other types of data can you simultaneously configure OS X to access? (Select 2 responses.) A. System keychains Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 11 Review the screenshot, and then answer the question below. You try to open an application called Dead End, but you get the alert shown above. You know the application comes from a trusted source. How can you open the Dead End application? A. Control-click the application, choose Open from the shortcut menu, and then click Open in the dialog that appears. B. Option-click the application. C. Open Security & Privacy preferences, click the Gatekeeper tab, click the Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 1 SMB is also called    . A. CIFS B. VPN C. VNC D. AFP   Answer: A     Question 2 You are setting up Time Machine on your Mac. Where can Time Machine store its backup files? A. iCloud B. DVD-R disc C. external USB hard disk D. internal startup volume   Answer: C     Question 3 In OS X Mountain Lion, which of these can you use to set a firmware password? A. The Users & Groups pane of System Read more [...]