Ensurepass QUESTION NO: 6 Which of the following is the MOST effective means for a technician to prevent ESD damage when installing RAM? A. Touching grounded metal before contacting components B. Ensuring the AC plug has a ground post C. Wearing a grounded wristband D. Wearing rubber-soled shoes Answer: C QUESTION NO: 7 Which of the following processor types is manufactured by AMD? A. Celeron B. Athlon C. Pentium D. Core 2 Quad Answer: B Read more [...]
Ensurepass QUESTION NO: 1 Which of the following types of software protection will help mitigate any threats coming from worm and Trojans? A. Spam Blocker B. Antivirus C. Anti Spyware D. Anti Adware Answer: B QUESTION NO: 2 An end user is having problems printing from an application. The technician attempts to send a test page to printer. Which of the following BEST explains the reason the technician used a test page to trouble shoot the issue? A. It clears Read more [...]
Ensurepass QUESTION NO: 11 Which of the following is LAST step of troubleshooting theory? A. Establish a plan of action to restore the problem and implement the solution. B. Verify full system functionality and if applicable implement preventative measures. C. Document findings, actions, and outcomes. D. Question the user and identify user charges. Answer: C QUESTION NO: 12 A technician is installing a program on a Windows Vista computer and the installation Read more [...]