Ensurepass  QUESTION 11 What are two indicators that connectivity to the MCU is lost? (Choose two)   A. iVIEW will automatically put the MCU offline. B. The MCU will automatically put itself in link down mode and disable meeting scheduling. C. During the scheduling of <t moot inn .m error message that the MCU is not available will be displayed. D. If configured, the NMS will send an email notification to alert administrators or specified users.   Answer: AB   Read more [...]
Ensurepass  QUESTION 21 Your organization is planning to implement a visual communications solution. You have approximately 25 employees with one main meeting room. The requirement is to be able to join meetings from both the meeting room (with H.323 and SIP) and the desktop. Which deployment scenario will satisfy the requirements for only one conference at a time?   A. Deployment A - MCU standalone B. Deployment B - XT1000 with XT Desktop Connectivity C. Deployment C - Centralized Read more [...]
Ensurepass Exam A   QUESTION 1 How do you configure an Audio-only service in the MCU?   A. By selecting a service type and deselecting the multimedia option B. By removing all video codecs from the video codecs table C. By selecting all audio codecs from the audio codecs table D. By selecting a service type and checking the "audio only" checkbox   Answer: D     QUESTION 2 Which two tools can be used to troubleshoot call failures? (Choose two)   A. Read more [...]