Ensurepass  QUESTION 41 Which VSP 9000 LEDs are indicated by arrow number 1 in the exhibit?             A. Status B. I/O modules C. CP modules D. power supply   Answer: D     QUESTION 42 A technician is working on a VSP 9000 and trying to determine why IST in not coming up, even though it is enabled. The configuration looks good. What should he checked next?   A. the network loops B. the slow SFPs C. the Key Health Indicators Read more [...]
Ensurepass  QUESTION 31   In the VSP 9000 software, preferences can be configured to determine the precedence given to one type of route over another. What is required to modify the preference for a static route?   A. All entries must be in alphabetic order. B. Disable the static route before editing the configuration. C. Disable route filtering before working on the configuration. D. Delete it from the routing table, then re-configure it with the new preference.   Read more [...]
Ensurepass  QUESTION 21 A technician is generating an SSH key on a VSP 9000 equipped with a secondary CP module. How can the technician make sure the key also saves to the secondary CP?   A. Use the dir command. B. Use TFTP op FTP to copy the key. C. Delete some unused files and regenerate the key. D. Configure SSH key generation to save to both CP modules.   Answer: D     QUESTION 22 The network was scheduled for some additional network configuration in the Read more [...]
Ensurepass  QUESTION 11 In the event of a critical process crash on a CP module, which file or log is written to disk?   A. config file B. core file C. system log file D. all memory logs   Answer: C     QUESTION 12 Buffer wrap is a variable of the Packet Capture Tool (PCAP) enable command, and by default it is set to true. Which statement describes what buffer-wrap does when it is set to true?           A. Itenables external flash Read more [...]
Ensurepass Exam A   QUESTION 1 Which statement describes the aspect of the VSP 9000 architecture that provides load sharing?   A. Each CPmodule provides 30 fabric links. B. Multiple bandwidth managers are used. C. Each I/O module connects to all SF modules. D. It has a link speed of 6.25 Gbps.   Answer: C     QUESTION 2 Given the following command:   show ports error show-all [file <value>]   What kind of information does this command produce? Read more [...]