Ensurepass  QUESTION 21 After configuring a CMS system, which log file needs to he checked to verify set has completed successfully?   A. /cms/install/logdir/adminlog B. /var/adm/messages C. /cms/install/canfig.sog D. /var/log/cms_nstall.log E. /tmp/install.log   Answer: A     QUESTION 22 Which communication manager option on the communication manager gives the customer call centre capabilities?   A. Expert Agent Selection (EAS) B. Automatic Read more [...]
Ensurepass Exam A   QUESTION 1 To configure the eri0 network device on CMS, which set of Solaris files, must be edited?   A. /cms/install/net use and /cms/install/netboo.eri0 B. /etc/hostname. Eri0 and /etc/netmasks C. /dev/eri0 and /dev/hostname.eri0 D. /net/eri0 and/net/netmasks   Answer: B     QUESTION 2 A customer needs help with maintaining service level targets.   Which Advocate feature will make automated adjustments to overload settings?`   Read more [...]
EnsurepassQUESTION 11 Agent 20042, a scenario mortgage specialist, is assigned 5 skills.   Which two ways can the agent identify the type of call that being delivered? (Choose two.)   A. by the Skill whisper announcement before call: is delivered B. by the flashing skill button on the telephone set C. by the VDN of Origin announcement before call is delivered D. by the telephone display (a = Originator Name to VDN)   Answer: CD Explanation: SHOULD BE C, D (Once skills Read more [...]