Ensurepass  QUESTION 31 A technician has just installed an Aura Contact Recording (Avaya CR) system that uses Station Bulk Recording, the customer has provided the list of extensions, login IDs and skills that need to be recorded, and the technician wants to try one first to validate the configuration.   Which statement describes how to verify that the system is configured correctly?   A. Add one of the agent login IDs in the table "Station to be Recorder" under "Operation/Station Read more [...]
Ensurepass  QUESTION 11 A technician has installed the RedHat Operating System (OS) from the ks.cfg kickstart file provided on the RedHat CD/DVD media. At the boot prompt, Linux ks = cdrom is entered to point to the location of the kickstart file, but the installation wizard is unable to continue the silent Installation.   What are two possible reasons for this? (Choose two.)   A. The ks.cfg file is no in the root directory of the CD/DVD media. B. The ks.cfg file is in the Read more [...]
Ensurepass  QUESTION 21 A technician has successfully installed the Centralized Archiving software on a client site. To set up Avaya Aura Centralized Archive Manager, a series of steps need to be         completed, the last step to define the drive for long term storage media and to assign the campaign to a drive.   Where is this last step defined?   A. in the Archive Manager Administration tool B. in Recorder Manager C. in Viewer Manager < font style="font-size: Read more [...]
Ensurepass  Exam A   QUESTION 1 A technician has finished installing an Avaya Aura Archive system that has been added to an existing solution, consisting of three Avaya Aura Contact Recording (Avaya CR) servers and one Avaya Aura Viewer system.   Before starting the Archive, what can be done to ensure that calls can be archived?   A. from Aura archive server, ping each of the Avaya CR servers by means of the name configured in the "Machine Name" field in the "Capture Platform Read more [...]