Ensurepass  QUESTION 31 A company has decided to install an Avaya CallPilot 1005 server at their new office locution to deliver multimedia messaging functionality to their employees. They will be using Fax and Desktop Messaging applications. A technician has been tasked with installing the new Avaya CallPilot server. Which operating system should be running on the Avaya CallPilot RIs. 5.0 server?   A. RedHatLinux V4.0 B. MicrosoftWindows Vista C. MicrosoftWindows Server2003 Read more [...]
Ensurepass  QUESTION 11 At a customer site with a Communication Server (CS) 1000 system, a technician is configuring the CS1000 to support the installation of an Avaya CallPilot RIs. 5.0 system.   When defining the Avaya CallPilot service in the customer data block in overlay 15, which two options must be enabled?   A. Call Park Allowed (CPA) and Message Register (MGCR) B. Call Park Allowed (CPA) and Message Center Included (MCI) C. Maximum number of agents (MAXP) and Message Read more [...]
Ensurepass  QUESTION 21 A company is running Communication Server l000E RIs. 6.0 software with a l005r Avaya CallPilot installed at that headquarters in London. The Avaya CallPilot installation has been completed and the CS1000E has been correctly configured.   Which command and overlay is used to confirm that the AML link between the Avaya CallPilot and the CS1000E is fully operational?   A. LD 11- STATLoop Shelf Card of the MGATECard B. LD48 - STATELAN C. LD 117 - STAT Read more [...]
Ensurepass Exam A   QUESTION 1 A technician is installing a 600r, and notices that the server boots to the Windows screen then starts booting again. It is stuck in a boot. What is the first step that should be taken?   A. Re-image the server. B. Openacase requesting a replacement server. C. Replace the hard drive. D. Verify theSCSIterminator or tape drive is properly connected to the server.   Answer: B     QUESTION 2 A technician has completed the configuration Read more [...]