Ensurepass  QUESTION 11 A Potential Customer explained to you that the costs of Power, cooling and pooled disk storage capacity are important to the customer which solution would you recommend for the client?   A.      Cisco Unified Communications on Cisco Unified Computing System solution B.      Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express C.      Cisco Intercompany Media Engine solution D.      Read more [...]
Ensurepass  QUESTION 21 Which two customer statements most strongly present business ROI? (Choose two)   A.      Cisco TelePresence, as part of the collaboration architecture, will reduce travel costs for the management board. B.      Cisco Collaboration helps us to increase the productivity of our sales force and to gain new revenue streams through new customers. C.      A Cisco Collaboration Architecture will route Read more [...]
Ensurepass    QUESTION 31 Which of the following is the proper response to an IT manager objection about the security of a Cisco Collaboration Architecture?   A.      Total security is an illusion; every solution is vulnerable to a certain extent. B.      A single-vender Cisco Collaboration Architecture is by nature more secure than a best- of-breed solution that integrates different systems. C.      Security Read more [...]
Ensurepass  QUESTION 1 Why is the financial manager an integral part of the decision-making process?   A.      Cisco TelePresence is personal, multipurpose, and immersive. B.      Cisco TelePresence is a pure, high-end videoconferencing solution. C.      Cisco TelePresence is low-cost video for everyone everywhere. D.      Cisco TelePresence is personal, single-purpose, and immersive.   Read more [...]