EnsurepassQuestion 121 ____enables administrators to collect, display, store, and analyze data about system performance, application or process use, and User activity.   A. Citrix Resource Manager B. Citrix Installation Manager C. Program Neighbourhood Admin Tool D. The management console for MetaFrame XP Presentation Server   Answer: A     Question 122 The____interprets metrics that apply to the entire server farm.   A. Data collector B. Farm Metric Server C. Summary Database Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 111 Why do you have to remove the WSID=NAME_OF_MF_SERVER?   A. It contains the name of the cloned MF server in the MF20.dsn file B. It should not be removed.   Answer: A     Question 112 Where is the Mf20.dsn setting enter on the OBDC client setup?   A. File B. Client C. Server   Answer: C     Question 113 If the IMA service did not start what is the subsystem it should be in?   A. XML service B. IMASVR   Answer: B     Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 101 Which two types of information can be found within the Local Host Cache? (Choose two)   A. All trust relationship within the farm. B. The load level of each server in the farm. C. All servers in the farm with more than one network adapter. D. All applications published within the farm and their properties.   Answer: A,D     Question 102 If a MetaFrame XP Presentation Server farm has been configured for indirect access, which options may be used for the data Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 91 Allan is managing a server farm that consists of 5000 users. Each user must print when logged into the MetaFrame XP Presentation Server farm. He notices that the system log fills up faster when users are connected to the servers and he wants to disable the print job log. Which of the following can Allan use to perform this task?   A. Command Prompt B. Microsoft Windows Registry Editor C. Program Neighborhood Admin Agent D. Management console for MetaFrame XP Presentation Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 81 Mark is modifying the sounds settings on each of the MetaFrame XP Presentation Server in the server farm. Which sound quality will be compressed to a maximum of 16 Kbps?   A. Idle B. Low C. High D. Medium   Answer: B     Question 82 Which is not a benefit of Server Optimization?   A. Increased server cost. B. Improvement of user logon times. C. Maximization of network throughput. D. Improvement in the speed of applications.   Answer: A     Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 71 Amanda is the Network Manager for a hospital in West Palm Beach. Due to the firewall regulations of her company she needs to change the TCP port number that MetaFrame XP Presentation Server uses from 1030 back to the default TCP port. Which command must Amanda use to accomplish her desired result?   A. ICAPORT /RESET B. CHANGE ICAPORT/ :1494 C. CHANGE PORT/ :1030 /1494 D. ICAPORT /CHANGE :1030/1494   Answer: A Page 347 Citrix? MetaFrame XP FR3 Admins' Guide   Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 61 .Doing things to application-settings to make them better fits into what phase?   A. Server Building B. Server Piloting C. Server Deployment D. Server Optimization   Answer: D     Question 62 .What are three rules with which load manager calculates loads?   A. IP range B. memory page swappings C. Disk Data I/O D. Client user load E. Application user load   Answer: A,C,E Reference: Page 8, Load Manager Administrator's Guide Application user load Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 51 .What are requirements for deploying the ICA client through Active Directory? (Choose two.)   A. Windows NT 4.00 backup domain controller. B. WIN32 bit client with Windows Installer Service. C. Program Neighborhood Client version 6.00.779 or greater D. Program Neighborhood Client version 7.00.13547 or greater   Answer: B,D Reference:  P.125/126 in Advanced Concepts Guide Citrix Metaframe XP for Windows with Feature Release 3     Question 52 .Under which Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 41 .What is the first step in the Load Management process?   A. Each server calculates its load. B. A request for a published application is sent to the data collector. C. Load values of al possible evaluation criteria are sent to the data collector for the zone. D. The data collector uses the load information received form the servers and forwards the request to the least busy server.   Answer: A Reference:  P.9 in Load Manager Administrator's Guide     Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 31 .What tasks does a Citrix Member Browser perform? (Choose two.)   A. It provides information concerning its load. B. It reboots all MetaFrame servers on the subnet. C. It updates the list of active Citrix servers in the subnet. D. It sends information t the Master Browser in regular intervals.   Answer: A,D     Question 32 .Administrators should consider creating an application package if an application requires         Read more [...]
EnsurepassQuestion 21 .Which of the following ensures that the ICA client for Macintosh version 7.1 works?   A. Install the ICA client on the server. B. Install the Thread Manager System on the machine. C. Remove the Thread Manager System from machine. D. The Citrix ICA client cannot be installed on Macintosh 7.1.   Answer: B Reference: CCA: Citrix Metaframe XP 1.0 administration study guide, isbn 0782140572, chapter 10     Question 22 .Mike is Certpaper.com's Network Manager. Read more [...]