Ensurepass 81. QUESTION A legacy application installed on the servers in a worker group has a memory leak. How can the administrator minimize the impact of the memory leak? A. Stream the application to the servers. B. Restart the servers at regular intervals using a policy. C. Apply the memory optimization policy to the worker group. D. Place the application with the memory leak on a separate XenApp server. Correct Answer: B 82. QUESTION Scenario: A Citrix administrator manages a XenApp Read more [...]
Ensurepass 71. QUESTION Scenario: Corporate security policies mandate that NO application can display network information, including domain names. The company has multiple XenApp farms which reside in different Active Directory domains that do NOT have trust relationships between then. The administrator has installed and configured a Web Interface server with a XenApp Web site that aggregates all the different farms into a single point of access. Based on the corporate security policy restrictions, the Read more [...]
Ensurepass 61. QUESTION Scenario: Users complain that first thing in the morning they receive errors when trying to launch their application and have to re-try many times. At other times of the day, there are NO issues. What could be causing the morning issue? A. A load throttling load evaluator is limiting the number of concurrent logons. B. A scheduling to load evaluator is restricting the maximum server load at this time. C. A server load evaluator is limiting the number of concurrent Read more [...]
Ensurepass 51. QUESTION Scenario: The IT administrator at an online education institution manages a XenApp farm that provides access to lectures and other class materials. The students and faculty members connect to the XenApp farm published applications from remote computers that are NOT part of the corporate Active Directory domain. Each student and faculty staff member is assigned a unique set of Active Directory credentials with a password expiration policy of 15 days. The administrator Read more [...]
Ensurepass 41. QUESTION Scenario: An administrator has a server farm with five servers. The administrator wants to limit the number of Microsoft Excel published application sessions that can be run in the server farm. Which two steps could the administrator take to meet this requirement? (Choose two) A. Configure the Load Throttling rule. B. Configure the Server User Load rule C. Configure the Application User Load rule D. Assign a load evaluator to the five servers. E. Assign a load Read more [...]
Ensurepass 31. QUESTION Which steps should an administrator take to publish applications that will be accessed through Web Interface and presented in different folders? A. Publish the applications as Content instead of Applications. B. Create a folder under the Application node and put the specific application in the folder. C. In the application properties, in the location section, change the working directory to match the folder name. D. In the application properties, in the Shortcut presentation Read more [...]
Ensurepass 21. QUESTION Scenario: A server farm has three policies applied using the User filter. - Policy A (priority 1) denies domain users access to client and removable drives. No other settings are configured. - Policy B (priority 2) allows domain users to access optical drives. No other settings are configured. - Policy C (priority 3) allows domain users to access network, client and removable drives. No other settings are configured. Which drives will be available to a domain user in Read more [...]
Ensurepass 11. QUESTION Scenario: An administrator is creating a new XenApp farm. The farm will use hosted applications and applications streamed using Microsoft App-V technology. Both Microsoft Windows and Apple OS X computers are in use in the environment. Management requires an automated process to deliver all necessary clients and plug-ins. Which two components should the administrator use to automate the process of delivering and updating client plug-in? (Choose two.) A. Microsoft Group Read more [...]
Ensurepass 111. QUESTION An administrator is using the AppCenter to control the logon settings for a XenApp 6.5 farm. Which four of the listed options are valid logon control settings for servers in the AppCenter? (Choose four.) A. Drain B. Prohibit logons only C. Drain until next restart D. Allow logons and reconnections E. Prohibit logons until server restart F. Prohibit logons and reconnections Correct Answer: BDEF 112. QUESTION Scenario: An administrator wishes to temporarily move Read more [...]
Ensurepass 101. QUESTION Scenario: An administrator manages a XenApp farm that uses only hosted applications. All users access the hosted applications through Web Interface using the online plug-in that does NOT require administrator rights to install. Which method should the administrator user to deliver the required client plug-in with minimal effort? A. Batch files B. Login scripts C. Citrix Web Interface D. Microsoft Group Policy E. Citrix Receiver Updater F. Citrix Merchandising Read more [...]
Ensurepass 91. QUESTION Scenario: An administrator recently configured Session Reliablility on a XenApp server which delivers one published application to 20 users on the local network. After configuration Session Reliablity, the administrator ran Microsoft TCPView to monitor a service that Session Reliability uses. The administrator notice that users are connecting to the published application on port 443 but NOT on the default Session Reliability port. The administrator verified that Session Read more [...]