EnsurepassQUESTION 641 While examining audit logs, you discover that people are able to telnet into the SMTP server on port 25. You would like to block this, though you do not see any evidence of an attack or other wrong doing. However, you are concerned about affecting the normal functionality of the email server. From the following options choose how best you can achieve this objective?   A.     Block port 25 at the firewall. B.     Shut off the SMTP Read more [...]
EnsurepassQUESTION 631 Which of the following LM hashes represent a password of less than 8 characters? (Select 2)   A.     BA810DBA98995F1817306D272A9441BB B.     44EFCE164AB921CQAAD3B435B51404EE C.     0182BD0BD4444BF836077A718CCDF409 D.     CEC52EB9C8E3455DC2265B23734E0DAC E.      B757BF5C0D87772FAAD3B435B51404EE F.      E52CAC67419A9A224A3B108F3FA6CB6D   Read more [...]
EnsurepassQUESTION 611 Eve is spending her day scanning the library computers. She notices that Alice is using a computer whose port 445 is active and listening. Eve uses the ENUM tool to enumerate Alice machine. From the command prompt, she types the following command.   For /f "tokens=1 %%a in (hackfile.txt) do net use * \$ /user:"Administrator" %%a   What is Eve trying to do?   A.     Eve is trying to connect as an user with Administrator privileges. Read more [...]
EnsurepassQUESTION 621 Peter, a Network Administrator, has come to you looking for advice on a tool that would help him perform SNMP enquires over the network. Which of these tools would do the SNMP enumeration he is looking for? Select the best answers.   A.     SNMPUtil B.     SNScan C.     SNMPScan D.     Solarwinds IP Network Browser E.      NMap   Correct Answer: ABD     Read more [...]
EnsurepassQUESTION 601 Bruce King is using the nslookup command to craft queries to list all DNS information (such as Name Servers, host names, MX records, CNAME records, glue records (delegation for child Domains), zone serial number, TimeToLive (TTL) records, etc) for a Domain. What do you think Bruce King is trying to accomplish? Select the best answer.   A.     A zone harvesting B.     A zone transfer C.     A zone update D.     Read more [...]
EnsurepassQUESTION 591 One of your team members has asked you to analyze the following SOA record. What is the TTL?   Rutgers.edu.SOA NS1.Rutgers.edu ipad.college.edu (200302028 3600 3600 604800 2400.)   A.     200303028 B.     3600 C.     604800 D.     2400 E.      60 F.      4800   Correct Answer: D     QUESTION 592 One of your team members has Read more [...]
EnsurepassQUESTION 571 Name two software tools used for OS guessing? (Choose two.)   A.     Nmap B.     Snadboy C.     Queso D.     UserInfo E.      NetBus   Correct Answer: AC     QUESTION 572 Sandra is the security administrator of XYZ.com. One day she notices that the XYZ.com Oracle database server has been compromised and customer information along with financial data has Read more [...]
EnsurepassQUESTION 581 Which of the following command line switch would you use for OS detection in Nmap?   A.     -D B.     -O C.     -P D.     -X   Correct Answer: B     QUESTION 582 You have initiated an active operating system fingerprinting attempt with nmap against a target system:     What operating system is the target host running based on the open ports shown above?   A.     Read more [...]
EnsurepassQUESTION 551 What ICMP message types are used by the ping command?   A.     Timestamp request (13) and timestamp reply (14). B.     Echo request (8) and Echo reply (0). C.     Echo request (0) and Echo reply (1). D.     Ping request (1) and Ping reply (2).   Correct Answer: B     QUESTION 552 Which of the following systems would not respond correctly to an nmap XMAS scan?   A.     Read more [...]
EnsurepassQUESTION 561 What flags are set in a X-MAS scan? (Choose all that apply.)   A.     SYN B.     ACK C.     FIN D.     PSH E.      RST F.      URG   Correct Answer: CDF     QUESTION 562 Which of the following is an automated vulnerability assessment tool?   A.     Whack a Mole B.     Nmap C.     Read more [...]
EnsurepassQUESTION 531 Your lab partner is trying to find out more information about a competitors web site. The site has a .com extension. She has decided to use some online whois tools and look in one of the regional Internet registrys. Which one would you suggest she looks in first?   A.     LACNIC B.     ARIN C.     APNIC D.     RIPE E.      AfriNIC   Correct Answer: B     Read more [...]